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Hollywood Glitterati Bemoan A Border Wall Behind A Mountain Of Security During Golden Globes

‘It’s fine for me, but not for thee!’ Hollywood leftists decry walls while armed security keeps out the ‘little people’.

The Hollywood elites think they know better than you do. Here’s yet another example.

A couple of acceptance speeches at the Golden Globes were about as ridiculous as Alyssa Milano speaking at the Anti-NRA event while her armed security guards stood by in plain sight to made sure that she was safe.

Much like Christian Bale, Golden Globe-winning director, Brad Simpson, took the opportunity to use his acceptance speech for The Assassination of Gianni Versace: American Crime Story to make some political statements.

Let me sum it up for you: Republicans are evil.

Shocker, I know.

Simpson didn’t name President Trump as the object of his loathing but instead said that there are ‘forces of hate and fear‘ that tells us to be ‘scared of people who are different than us, they tell us we should put walls around ourselves’ and artists must ‘fight back’ by pushing identity politics down our throatsrepresenting those who are not represented‘ and telling the stories presented by ‘new voices‘. As long as those telling the stories are the correct voices. Hollywood is eating its own in ensuring that there is proper representation in movies. Huge stars are being targeted for daring to play transgender characters on screen. Simpson also said that Americans need to ‘resist’ at the ballot box.

But you know, #ResistTrump!

“Gianni Versace was one of very few public figures who was out during a time of intense fear and hate,” Simpson said. “Those forces of hate and fear are still with us — they tell us we should be scared of people who ware different than us, they tell us we should put walls around ourselves. As artists we must fight back by representing those who are not represented and by providing a space for people who are new voices to tell stories that haven’t been told.”

Furthermore, though, Simpson said that “as human beings we should resist in the streets, resist at the ballot box, and practice love and empathy in our everyday lives.”

“Our show is a period piece, but those forces are not historical. They’re here they’re with us and we must resist,” he continued.

Source: Variety

Here’s the irony: The Golden Globes had ‘ramped up security’ after the European terror attacks. 

It’s more difficult now for fans to catch a glimpse of their favorite stars or even just wave at the limos.

Where it used to be easy during the Globes to approach the Beverly Hilton on foot, the City of Beverly Hills has cracked down on allowing crowds near the building.

“People used to be able to walk to Whittier and Wilshire and wave at the limos,” noted one production insider. “Now that whole area is restricted.”

If you have tickets and credentials, and are dressed for the show, the Beverly Hills cops may still let you through — but that’s always a risk. As a result, the city is advising people attending events to take the shuttle bus and discouraging walkups.

Source: Variety

Not only were there barricades, blocked off streets, and armed security, but the bomb squad with bomb-sniffing dogs, LAPD, federal agencies assisting the LAPD, as well as numerous checkpoints.

But I thought that walls are ‘immoral’, isn’t that right Nancy?

So, Simpson mocked the idea of ‘hiding’ behind walls while hiding behind security, blocked off streets, checkpoints, bomb-sniffing dogs, and the Feds.


Basically, it’s fine for Hollywood celebrities to be protected, but the average American can just suck an egg.

You know what, leftists? The 2016 Presidential election was the Resistance at the ballot box — Americans didn’t want the progressive claptrap of ‘Hope and Change’ that took the country farther away from historical American ideals.

Deal with it.

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