Horrific Ideas, And The Behaviors They Breed

Written by Larry Usoff on January 30, 2019

From my vantage point of old age, looking back provides a panorama of things as they were…which is vastly different from what they are. During the time I served in the Navy it was “all for one and one for all” if things got tough, and sometimes they did, both ashore and afloat. You could depend on your buddy, no matter the situation, to be watching your “six”, and many times it might have been a matter of life or death. My story, which I’ve told here before, was about my buddy and I who had to be rescued by the Shore Patrol or face certain death from the thugs waiting for us in the street. Another incident, and again a buddy saved my life, by not being chopped up by a propeller. The thing I’m trying to say, I guess, is that there doesn’t seem to be that camaraderie in the younger generation(s) unless they’ve been in the military. A sad thing indeed, to see loyalty, integrity, selflessness, and patriotism, going down the tubes.

If you have read more than one of my columns, you’ve no doubt seen that there is a very strong anti-Islam thread that runs through them…and it’s for good reason. Islam, and its followers, is contradictory to just about everything that is civilized. Almost from the inception it has been both feared and abhorred because of the barbaric ways it promotes. Recently, another disgusting practice came to light…”ironing” girls breasts. As horrific as that sounds it is, in fact, THAT horrific. As the British newspaper, The Guardian reported, the practice entails placing heavy, heated stones on girl’s chest in an effort to stunt her development. The painful and dangerous practice is often done several times a month, depending on how quickly a girl’s breasts are developing. The practice is supposedly done to keep girls from attracting the attention of men and to keep the girls from being raped or sexually assaulted for as long as possible. With the onslaught of African immigrants who don’t have any intention of integrating, the UK is beginning to see this practice seeping into British society. The Brits have found at least 1,000 cases of ironing. Community workers in London, Yorkshire, Essex, and the West Midlands have told the Guardian of cases in which pre-teen girls from the diaspora of several African countries are subjected to the painful, abusive and ultimately futile practice…so why do they pursue the practice, you might ask? I have no answer for that except that it would appear that the UK is caving in and soon will be a Muslim-controlled country. British police are so afraid of being called “racists” that they never arrest or charge immigrants no matter how evil the crime. So, add this abusive “ironing” to the so-called “honor killings,” the rape gangs, and the no-go zones that western nations are importing from Muslim countries. So, if you’re one of the people that keep saying “it can’t happen here”, you’re only fooling yourself…it can, and it does.

What used to be the Democrat party has become the haven for some of the most off-the-wall nut-jobs that it’s ever been my displeasure to observe. For starters, the battalion of people that have already declared to run for the Presidency in 2020 contains the biggest collection of anti-Americans that I’ve ever seen. Oh…you don’t agree? We could compare each of them to the current President and see the differences, but let me just jot down a few things that “they” have expressed: universal healthcare, and that will be free; a minimum wage scale that will, eventually, either bankrupt the employer or force them to use technology to get rid of live personnel; complete disrespect and ignorance of how this country works, and no patriotism whatsoever; lying to make sure they’re employed; a complete reversal of things they said before because it’s no longer good for their image; most people under the age of 40 are avidly in favor of Socialism despite the FACT that it doesn’t work and is the lady-in-waiting for Communism; and lastly, it’s been shown that people that despise this country IN WHICH THEY LIVE, will not fight FOR it! The “darling” of the Democrat party, Ms Ocasio-Cortez was being canonized. CNN media reporter and “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter took time out of the show to tout how Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez utilized social media to spread her falsehoods and socialist propaganda. And, of course, the all-female liberal panel was happy to oblige by singing her praises and suggesting that fact-checks against her were somehow sexist. Stelter wondered, “What do you think is fueling the constant attacks on Fox against this freshman Congresswoman?” Of course, the cause wasn’t her loose association with the facts or economics, her childish antics, nor her support for an ideology that had brought suffering to millions of people around the globe, the cause was all the bigotry from the old white men.

Parting shot: There is SO much more that should be said about the divisions among the people in the United States that one could probably fill volumes and, if I’m not mistaken, volumes HAVE been written. As I said at the beginning, looking back gives me an advantage because I’ve been where some of you are, but some of you have not been where I am. Good luck.

Larry Usoff
Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired. Articulate. Opinionated. Patriotic. Conservative. Cultured enough so that I can be taken almost anywhere. Makes no excuses for what I say or do, but takes responsibility for them. Duty. Honor. Country. E-mail me at: amafrog@att.net