Religion of Pieces: Imam Explains What Islam REALLY Says About The Treatment Of Unbelievers

Written by Wes Walker on January 30, 2019

Whatever happened to that ‘Religion of Peace’ we keep hearing about?

The Left has been quietly cozying up to Islam while denouncing Western values and our liberty-loving allies. (Looking at YOU, Israel).

Whenever we mention Islamic belief that does not ‘work and play well with others’ — like FGM, or ‘honor’ killings or women’s testimony being less valuable than men, or the death penalty given to rape victims and homosexuals — we’ve been told it’s Islamophobic or Xenophobic even to discuss it.

Alright then, suppose we HAVE been misunderstanding Islam all this time. How about we do this.

We’ll play the video of an Imam describing what the Koran says about non-muslims and have their allies on the secular Left explain the ‘deeper meaning’ that we knuckle-dragging troglodytes need to understand.

But wait, there’s more!

Maybe that was just ‘out of context’. In that case, here’s an Islamic scholar from a university in Cairo explaining the finer points of theology as it pertains to the proper regulations concerning the rape of unbelieving sex slaves.

This from a woman, no less.

WATCH: Cleric DEFINES Which Women Can Be RAPED By Their Religious Adherents

Feminists should have no trouble at all explaining that one. Or the beating these Muslim men laid on some feminist protesters, for that matter.

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