Horrific: Ten-Year-Old Boy, Bullied Over Medical Condition, Hangs Himself

Written by Wes Walker on January 24, 2019

While Celebrities, elected officials and the Media(D) have been tripping over themselves to demonize teenage schoolkids, here is a solemn reminder about the toll public shaming can take on someone bearing the brunt of it.

Despite what the simplistic slogans may claim, for some kids, it does NOT ‘get better’.

Like the sad story of a ten-year-old boy from Kentucky, Seven Bridges.

Seven had a serious medical condition — not named — for which he underwent 26 surgeries.

Twenty-six surgeries… by age TEN. Let that sink in.

Unfortunately, they were unable to correct the issue, so they had to remove part of his intestine. That requires an artificial opening (a ‘stoma’) to be created on his abdomen as an exit point from which his bodily waste can be eliminated. In layman’s terms, it’s essentially an artificial anus.

It can be startling to look at, to be sure, and there are socially awkward elements to the colostomy bag that is worn to collect the waste, but it’s a necessary medical intervention that can return a degree of normalcy to the life of a suffering patient.

But kids can be cruel. And these ones were.

Literally adding insult to injury, the colostomy bag, which had been a solution to his physical suffering, was the cause of his social suffering. He sometimes had leaks. Imagine the horror of the poor kid being the center of attention in such an intensely personal way.

WHAS11 talked to Charles and Seven in September after an alleged bullying incident on his bus ride home from Kerrick Elementary School.

He said he was called the N-word by a student. His friend told him to beat-up that student, and when Seven refused, he said the bus buddy started choking him.

“I still can’t get him choking me out of my head,” he said in September.

Charles took her son to get a CT scan. Then she followed up on social media where her video calling out the district went viral.

“No referral, no incident report, no paperwork,” she said in September.

His mother fought for Jefferson County Public Schools to open an investigation into the incident. The district did, though a spokesperson from JCPS could not go into specifics about what disciplinary action may have been taken against the accused bully.
Source: WHAS 11

He would have been going to a new school next year. A blank slate and a fresh start. That was the light at the end of the tunnel Seven’s parents tried to point him towards.

He never made it.

The kid who couldn’t get that choking out of his head despaired of life.

One Saturday morning, with his dad at choir practice at his church, and his mom stepping out to pick up some groceries, Seven hanged himself in the closet.

He was their only child; an answer to prayer for a family who was told they could never have children.

Now he is gone.

The parents will be pursuing legal action, but nobody can give them their son back.

Maybe the powerful, privileged and wealthy ‘blue check’ Twitter mob could keep stories like this in mind the next time they set out to destroy a kid whose values they happen to despise.

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