Is Cabelas Capitulating To The ANTI-HUNTING Thought Police?

Written by Wes Walker on January 17, 2019

Today’s guest (and renowned huntress) Jeanette Hall breaks down the REAL story with the ‘evolving’ position on Safari Hunting over at Cabelas.

Doug and Rich sit down with Alberta Huntress while she tells her story of what policy change made this former ‘Pro-Staffer’ told Cabelas to pound sand.

If you guessed that it had something to do with the anti-hunting crowd, you’d be on the right track. Their Social Media policy.

Regular readers will remember ClashDaily covering her story here:
Cabelas Pro Staffer QUITS After Being Told To Not Post Her Africa Hunting Pics

The only thing that isn’t quite clear is the motive. Whose asses are they trying to kiss, here? It’s a great interview, and discussion that follows afterward, covering both this and the larger issue.

While we’re on the topic, let’s look into some of the likely culprits for ‘why’ they turned so suddenly gutless.

The simplest theory is:

They could be going down the Dick’s Sporting Goods / Gillette road, where they are hoping to curry favor with the activists.

Of course, that ended badly with both their offended suppliers…
Mossberg Cuts Off Dick’s Because Of Their Anti-2A Blather – This Is Huge!

AND their offended customer base.
Dick’s Embracing Of The Left’s Gun Control Blather Was A BAD Move – Massive Shutdowns Coming

Another theory is they are trying to protect themselves from any animal-rights shakedown / boycott by not ‘provoking’ them with ‘cruel’ Safari images.

That doesn’t account for the important role these Safaris play in creating sustainable herd sizes and providing both employment and food for literally hundreds of African men and women associated with the hunts — lifting many out of ignorance and poverty.

Father And Twelve-Year-Old Daughter Feed Hundreds Of Orphans — Liberals OUTRAGED!

Even the ‘bad white guys’ running a game preserve in South Africa are employing hundreds of workers that would be SOL if their land gets confiscated by the government.

Here’s more about the (formerly) endangered species Doug was talking about.

CONSERVATION THRU HUNTING: Hunting Ban Lifted From Scimitar Oryx, Dama Gazelle and the Addax

There’s still another theory that never came up in the discussion, one that this humble scribbler think may be what’s really driving this — Herr Zuckerberg.

The rules that led to Jeanette quitting stemmed from changes to their Social Media policy. The complaint was about Facebook. Is it possible that Cabelas — afraid to lose web traffic that comes with their social media footprint — is kissing the ring of Zuckerberg’s inconsistent ‘decency’ rules, for fear of being hit with the same ‘cone of silence’ sites like ClashDaily were already hit with in October.

Videos of animal abuse, defined as
[… lists a few examples ending with …]
Imagery of animal fights when visible innards or dismemberment is visible, unless in the wild
Animals being killed in a hunting, manufacturing, or food preparation/processing context

And this story all the way back in 2014, long before they became as authoritarian as they are now.

When Facebook admins are not focused on baby bottoms, they are also at odds with hunters, who often post their kills on their profiles. This week, they removed several pictures from the profile of Kendall Jones, a Texas Tech cheerleader and wild game hunter.
Source: TheAtlantic

They are at a crossroads. Will they play appeaser to increasing PC pressure, hoping the crocodile will ‘eat them last’?

Will other of Cabelas Pro-Staffers step up and make their voices heard like Jeanette already has, and pressure them from the other direction not to throw hunters under the bus?

Will Cabelas decide that any Social Media gains Facebook access can offer are outweighed by having to sell their soul to the dictates of some cubicle troll who might never have set foot outside of the concrete jungle in his entire life?

Customers will require the answers to these questions to help them make a decision of their own: whether Cabelas is or is not a company they still want to support with their hard-earned money.

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