Ivy League Flipping Out Over Latest DHS Rules Changes

Written by Wes Walker on January 6, 2019

While Trump turns his attention to the Border, DHS has been taking on OTHER deficiencies in US immigration policy. Harvard (and others) are pissed.

It’s a simple policy change to the Immigration rules that makes way too much sense.

When should the clock start running on a Visa overstay?

U.S. immigration policies trigger an “unlawful presence” period for people who stay in the nation past their period of authorization. These individuals can be forced to go back to the country from which they came after six months of unlawful presence and receive a three-year ban from the country.

Before August, the unlawful presence period only began after the government released a memo deeming the visa holder “out of status.” But the August policy change allows the Department of Homeland Security to set start dates for unlawful presence retroactively before releasing the determination and beginning the day following the individual’s completion of a degree or visa expiration.

“Under the prior policy, when international students did become aware of a potential issue, they were able to make corrections and request reviews and adjustments, without fearing the accrual of unlawful presence,” the brief states. “The DHS’s new backdating rule will likely result in fewer international students, scholars, and instructors contributing to our communities.”

Harvard spokesman Jonathan L. Swain called Nielsen’s policy “a step in the wrong direction” in an emailed statement obtained by the Crimson.

“This policy will undermine the ability of American colleges and universities to attract and retain the top foreign talent that is critical to our global understanding and leadership in discovery, innovation and economic competitiveness,” Swain said.
Source: Campus Reform

You mean we weren’t ALREADY counting overstay from the moment a Visa would lapse?

What possible reason would anyone wait until some desk jockey happened to notice the overstay before starting the overstay clock?

Unless someone actually wants to ENCOURAGE Visa Overstays.

And as we all know… ignoring Visa Overstay can NEVER end badly.

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