‘Sweet Refugees’: Germany Now Offers HUGE Bribe For Migrants To GTFO

Written by Wes Walker on January 6, 2019

When somebody’s bribing you to leave, you’ve officially worn out your welcome.

Remember a couple of years ago, when crowds all across Europe were holding up those ‘Welcome Refugee’ signs?

What a difference a couple of years can make.

We’re now at the point where Germany’s literally paying people to leave.

There’s now an ad campaign targeting the One-Hundred-seventy-THOUSAND foreigners whose refugee status have been denied … to go home.

Sounds crazy, right? Sure it does. But for various reasons — despite the fact that they don’t have legal status to stay in Germany, they can’t be made to leave. Some lack papers. Others are too ill. Still others are from parts of the world that are too dangerous to send them back to.

What’s a nation to do in such a situation? They’re begun bribing people to leave.

These 170,000 people are given special status – duldung (or tolerated) – to stay on temporarily. The others – those who are eligible for deportation according to the German yardstick – frequently don’t show up for their deportation. More than 20,000 airport repatriations were scrubbed this year; half of all scheduled. Every second person went missing in the run-up to departure.

So Seehofer took to the streets with his billboard campaign – aiming to push for voluntary departures. What’s he offering? A gift capped at 1,000 euros for a single person, 3,000 for families – to provide for basic facilities. Offering financial incentives to leave isn’t new. Since May 2017, the “ReturningfromGermany” portal shows the way to compensation fees and more than a thousand counselling centres to help navigate the return path.

Germany has a “stepping stone system. You get more money if you choose to leave earlier on,” says Meike Riebau, lawyer and migration expert at Save the Children Germany.

…Depending on their nationality, asylum seekers can receive 1,200 euros if they return before the asylum procedure is completed; which drops to 800 after a rejected claim. But the 800 still beckons if they decide to depart voluntarily within 30 days.
Source: NationalPost

When people are PAYING you to leave…

They must REALLY be sick of you.

Alternatively, you can take control of who’s entering the country in the first place, and not have to worry about bribing people to GTFO.

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