Liberal Killjoys Are Now Going After SEINFELD For These 13 Reasons

Written by Wes Walker on January 5, 2019

The same killjoys that decided Kevin Hart was unworthy of hosting the Oscars have turned their outrage towards one of the biggest sitcoms ever.

It’s not enough that Roseanne has been scrubbed from history with a ruthless efficiency that would make Winston Smith blush. Now they’re outraged about OTHER big shows from the past.

They’ve taken their shots at the politically incorrect (even for his day) character Archie Bunker, and the different ways in which Friends fell short of today’s definitions of what it means to be ‘woke’. Even Apu from the Simpsons ran afoul of the censors. (As though all the other characters on that show were inoffensive and non-sterotypical.)

Now they’ve got a beef with Seinfeld.

It turns out that a show that was written about bad people doing stupid and selfish things might not be perfectly polite.

A list of 13 jokes that were beyond the pale has been published.

Here’s a sampling.

1) “The Soup Nazi.”

One of the most popular and cited ‘problematic’ jokes in Seinfeld was the No Soup For You guy, labeled by Elaine as ‘the Soup Nazi’. He even made it into that infamous final episode.

It was soup shop owner that was ruthless with his customers.

2) “Indian Giver”

3) Kramer stomping on a burning Peurto Rican flag.

(He was trying to stop it from burning because he had accidentally set it on fire.)

4) The Journalist who thought Jerry and George were a couple.

(How ‘phobic’ of them.)

But somehow it’s still ‘ok’ for NYT to make a cartoon sexualizing Trump as Putin’s catamite boy-toy, and ‘woke’ for late night ‘comics’ calling Trump’s mouth a ‘holster’ for a particular part of Putin’s anatomy.

5) Kramer has houseguests sleeping in his dresser drawers.

6) Jerry accidentally gets someone deported

7) Recurring Cleavage jokes.

8) “I Like Chinese Women”

The list is rounded out with other bits: Cetric and Bob, Pigman, Big nose, handicapped people, and persuing a woman who don’t speak English.

The list missed some. What about the ugly baby Body-shaming in ‘breathtaking’. Or the sex, food, TV.

What about the ‘Bro’? (or is it a ‘manziere’?)

Or the Man-bag being European?

Or when Geroge and Jerry were meeting Elaine’s dad? “Tell him you have crabs. He was in the military, he’ll understand that.”

The outrage is selective because there are new rules about what we can’t talk about anymore, and what jokes are now ‘off the table’.

But a good comic can make almost anyone feel at least slightly uncomfortable. That’s part of what makes it funny. Humor is transgressive.

If THESE shows are ‘upsetting’, just wait until they hear about some of the other ones… M*A*S*H*, Cheers, Night Court, or (can you even imagine the outrage) Three’s Company.

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