The Covington High-school Fiasco PROVES ‘The Media’ Cannot Be TRUSTED

Written by Doug Giles on January 24, 2019

Covington: The media know their greatest power is in the framing of ‘news’ stories, both what they say and what they leave out.

In the days of honest media, when people still went out looking for real stories, this episode wouldn’t have even been worthy of watercooler gossip, let alone National Headlines.

Crackpot bigots heckle schoolkids. Native Protester, let’s call him “Taunt-o” rocks up and starts banging a drum three inches from their faces. Nothing happens, everyone goes home.

But that would be too easy. Besides, the news cycle is a voracious beast, and it needs victims to feast upon to drive that narrative.

So the Media(D), with some deceptive editing, invented some victims. All it took was a little help from some race-baiting activists and the media’s universal hatred of a certain iconic red hat.

One sixteen-year-old kid proved himself an absolute lion of a man under pressure. He kept his cool. He didn’t waver. He didn’t incite. Even after the fact, he’s done nothing but take the high road, showing respect to a man so demonstrably unworthy of it, who is even now calling for his unwarranted expulsion.

The ‘Recon Ranger’ banging the drum was instantly cast in the sympathetic role… by himself! He ran to the closest available camera to share his harrowing tale of coming between this red-hatted menace to society and the bellicose black men the teens were sizing up as ‘prey’.

It took about a day before Social media started demonstrating the teens’ complete innocence AFTER they and their school had been publicly defamed, threatened, and eventually shut down for fear of credible threats against children.

Eventually, long after their critics had time to slander them unopposed, THE students’ side of the story finally came out, leaving egg on the faces of many ‘reputable’ media personalities and outlets.

Both Nathan “Taunt-o” Phillips (with his service record much less distinguished than he’d have had us believe) and the Bellicose Black Cultists maligned these kids, some to their faces and all behind their backs.

But they got to be the victims in this story because they weren’t wearing the hats.

Doug and Rich break down the timeline of this video in a way NOBODY on those ‘venerated’ news sources EVER will.

The more you look at what REALLY happened, the more you’ll wonder why the Left themselves aren’t calling for the heads of these cultists, for all the ways they violate SJW codes of honor… unless you accept that an ulterior motive lets these troglodytes get a hall pass from the PC hall monitors for their social faux pas. (Just so long as they never hope to host the Oscars, they’re A-Ok with saying all those horrible things about women and natives and gays, etc.)

If you want to follow along with the timeline Doug is working from, open up this story while the podcast plays through.

The leader, ‘Chief Ephraim Israel’, heads up a lunatic cult group called “Black Hebrew Israelites”, which despite the video proof of him harassing passers-by black, white and Native, was described by Taunt-o and the media as ‘preaching’ to the closed-minded kids in the MAGA hats. CNN was in on it, shamelessly assuming the guilt of the kids in the hats.

CNN, apparently by now aware that the event had taken place within a complicating larger picture, tried to use the new information to support its own biased interpretation, sorrowfully reporting that early in the afternoon the boys had clashed with “four African American young men preaching about the Bible and oppression.”
Source: Atlantic

Right. And I’ve got a bridge to sell ya.

So, here’s the big question: What’s a Christian — or even a Conservative — supposed to do in a situation that suddenly goes sideways like it did for these kids waiting for a bus?

Doug and Rich lay out the lessons learned that can make us ALL a little better prepared for the next time some ignorant chucklehead gets triggered by the fact that he has to share the same air as us.

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