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The Elizabeth Warren Of 2003 Would Not Be Liked By The 2019 Elizabeth Warren

Brace yourselves. You just might find yourself agreeing with Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

It’s just not going to be 2020 Presidential-hopeful, Elizabeth Warren — it’s 2003 Harvard Law professor and author, Elizabeth Warren.

In case you missed last night’s monologue by Tucker Carlson, he spoke about some of the major hurdles facing American families. That’s not a surprising topic to find on a Primetime Fox News opinion show. What was surprising was that back in 2003, Elizabeth Warren, then a Harvard Professor, had written a book covering some of the financial woes facing the middle class, and her take was much closer to the conservative position than expected — she stated that the two-income family has not been the savior of the middle class that many imagined it would be.

Here are some highlights from Tucker’s show.

Back in 2003, Warren was still a Harvard professor. That year she published a book, written with her daughter, entitled, “The Two-Income Trap: Why Middle Class Mothers and Fathers Are Going Broke.” The central thesis of the book was that the mass entry of mothers into the workforce has been a disaster for families, and most of all for women.

Mothers who work have to spend far more time away from their kids, which for many isn’t liberating so much as it’s deeply sad. Companies love it, of course, because more workers means cheaper labor. But middle-class families? They don’t seem happier or more secure than they were a generation ago. If anything, much less.

I feel really weird agreeing with Sen. Elizabeth Warren(D-MS). I’ve often said that the ‘new normal’ is that two incomes are required in order to maintain the status quo, and even that isn’t a guarantee. The cost of living is already outrageous and increasing at a rapid rate, while wages just aren’t keeping up.

Buying these things now requires two incomes, rather than one. That puts a strain on families in which both parents work. It absolutely crushes single-parent households.

Warren puts it this way:

“A generation ago, a single breadwinner who worked diligently and spent carefully could assure his family a comfortable position in the middle class. But the frenzied bidding wars, fueled by families with two incomes, changed the game for single-income families as well, pushing them down the economic ladder. To keep Mom at home, the average single-income family must forfeit decent public schools and preschools, health insurance, and college degrees, leaving themselves and their children with a tenuous hold on their middle-class dreams. Such pressures have taken these women out of the home and away from their children and simultaneously made family life less, not more, financially secure. Today’s middle-class mother is trapped: She can’t afford to work, and she can’t afford not to.”

Later in the book – and we read it — Warren lays out the long-term consequences of an economic system that requires both parents to work: More families go broke. This increases the rate of domestic abuse, divorce, and broken homes. Some people simply decide not to have children at all.

Warren’s response to this is striking:

“Many view parenthood as nothing more than another ‘lifestyle choice,’ not so different from joining a commune or developing a passion for windsurfing, but it isn’t true for society at large. What happens to a nation that rewards the childless and penalizes the parents? If middle-class men and women stop making that parental lifestyle choice, who will care for them in their old age? Who will pay taxes, build infrastructure, and keep the economy afloat? And most important, who will populate the great middle class of America’s future?”

Source: Fox News

But don’t take Tucker’s word for it.

Watch Elizabeth Warren speak about The Two-Income Trap in her own words:

Don’t worry, there’s still plenty to disagree with. Pushing the blame for high debt levels on predatory ‘big banks’, for one. But like Job’s friends in the Old Testament, there are some truth nuggets hidden amongst the garbage.

It’s likely that Sen. Warren’s view that married, two-parent families are the ideal is about as unpopular as saying that there are only two genders, or that masculinity isn’t a mental disorder. 

Tucker Carlson said that Sen. Warren won’t go on his show to discuss some of the ideas she put forward in 2003.

I’m not sure about that.

She might… after a beer or two.

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