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VIDEO: Victims Of Illegal Aliens Confront Pelosi And It’s Frickin’ EPIC

There are very few victims groups that Democrats will not cozy up to… and until Trump came along, this group didn’t even have a name.

Trump gave them both a name and a voice — the Angel Families — because he cares about a cause that has affected them deeply.

Before Trump, “Angel Families” didn’t have a name, because the Democrats didn’t WANT them to get any attention. And even now, Democrats seldom — if ever — mention them.

Of course, there is a very obvious and cynical political reason Dems wouldn’t want to acknowledge Angel Families. It makes their favorite cause — open borders and sanctuary cities — look bad. REALLY bad.

Democrats had little, if anything, to say about the murder on Christmas night of LAWFUL Immigrant, and LEO Ramil Singh by an illegal alien during what was supposedly a routine DUI stop.

Sing was killed by a repeat offender who was trying to high-tail it back to his native Mexico. The County Sheriff put blame squarely on Sactuary Laws for why this man — ‘known to police’ — wasn’t stopped by law enforcement sooner. (Were any of his accomplices among the criminals alerted to ICE enforcement action by nearby Oakland’s mayor?)

Why would Dems have anything to say? That prickly topic exposes the deep hypocrisy of their open-borders narrative.

While Democrats were doing a media publicity stunt where they marched as a group to McConnell’s office, with some demands about the Senate, Pelosi and Schumer had their chance to personally address, face-to-face real citizens who had real ‘skin in the game’ over the very policy she and Trump are playing chicken over.

But they were too gutless.

Pelosi had a chance to weigh in to the people who REALLY matter — American voters — on the critical question of whether or not Trump’s call for US border security and safety is a legitimate concern.

Perhaps she knows how patronizing and stupid she would have looked trying to tell people — while they are holding pictures of their slain loved ones, killed by people who did so while unlawfully in the country — that Trump is hyping a ‘manufactured’ crisis.

‘Cold Comfort’ wouldn’t even BEGIN to describe it. Rather than face them, Pelosi hid behind her office walls and her paid security. (Yes, indeed, the irony is noted.)

Funny how that kind of defensive structure is exactly the sort of thing we’re asking for at a national level… but she won’t budge. (Or, more to the point budget for it.)

The Angel Moms couldn’t get a hearing. But, somehow, Occasional-Cortex had no problem waltzing right into Pelosi’s office with 200 of her closest friends to protest … the environment.

Maybe turtles with straws in their noses played better to the focus groups than dead American citizens killed by the very people our government was tasked with keeping out in the first place.

The Angel Moms paid a visit to Chuck Schumer’s office too. Did Chucky take the high road and show compassion to victims?

After all, compassion and victimhood are supposedly the Democrats’ bread and butter… it’s how they convince themselves they’re better than the rest of us.

But he didn’t have the time of day for them either.

Maybe if one of those 109 lobbyists the Democrats where hob-knobbing with over in Puerto Rico were among them the Elected Democrats might have taken an interest.

Then again… probably not.

Not if it cost them credibility in the defense of their precious illegal aliens… uh, ‘future DREAMers’. Without illegal immigration, how ELSE would they expect to inflate the Electoral College power of the Blue states, disenfranchise real citizens in those red patches of ‘flyover country’ and shift the overall political balance of power in their favor?

After all, the Democrats’ plan is unfolding on schedule. Just this week, a judge ruled that citizenship questions couldn’t be asked on census forms.

That means sanctuary states will inflate their voting power on the national stage with the very people who — by the explicit intent of our constitution — are forbidden to exert any political influence.

He Democrats — since you love those virtue signaling hashtags so much, spotlighting victims with a #sayhisname, try this on for size. #SayTheirNames #AngelMoms

But you won’t. You want to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America.

Trump on the other hand, wants to tap into that same vein that rescued America from Carter’s ‘Stagflation’ Seventies and turned it into the Wild Ride Reagan unleased in the eighties. That’s the whole premise of ‘Make America Great Again’. In a word — optimism.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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