WATCH: Dude Punches Out Of Control Kid – Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on January 15, 2019

When some huge bro smokes an eleven-year-old girl in the face with his fist, it looks bad. Period. Does the ‘rest of the story’ change your initial reaction at all, or not?

Video is a tricky thing. Nobody was filming whatever led up to this event, it only started filming — naturally — after there was something going on.

This means some important and relevant facts leading up to the event are necessarily missing. Facts that might make this situation look either better or worse for one side or another.

What can we tell from the video?

The man in question is standing, surrounded by a crowd of girls who have formed a ring around him and are shouting at him and jeering from literally every direction.

Some of them are making aggressive physical contact with him, shoving him from behind when he’s looking the other way. The man’s wife is present — outside the ring — and the pixellated part probably covers his two children.

The unreported details that happened immediately before the scene will be critical to whether what happens next can be justified, because it could mean the difference between a man defending his family from the perceived threat of a swarming, and a big man smoking a kid in the face because a crowd of brats provoked him to anger.

He gives a two-handed shove to a girl who was standing very close to him with her hand upraised at or above chest-level. It is not clear from the video whether she’s pointing, threatening or (?), but she’s clearly loud and angry.

The video (which is sometimes blocked by the crowd, and isn’t doing a great job of following the action) briefly pans to the right side at a critical moment just before he pushes her, leaving us all guessing as to what we missed.

She recovers and then runs at the man.

Her intent is unclear from the video, but she’s running at him, closing the distance until she’s less than arm’s length apart, and her right arm is in motion. That’s when she takes one solid left to the face, dropping her to the sidewalk.

He now faces charges for hitting the girl (age 11!), but hasn’t yet had his day in court.

Because the video, absent the wider context, could be so damning — and because his name could easily be looked up by those who really feel a need to know it — we will omit his name from our report.

The general details are that he’s six-five, two-fifty and 51 years old. He’s a piano teacher, based out of his home, and the incident happened in North Carolina.

The girls were clearly out of line, screaming at the man and pushing him, but were they THIS far out of line?

With the details we have so far, with the young family present, with the screaming, pushing and with his original defensive reaction being a non-violent shove, what do YOU think about this incident?’s, Editor-In-Chief, Doug Giles how-to book:

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