WATCH: This Immigration Rant By Jordan Peterson Will Rifle Right Over Liberals’ Heads

Written by Wes Walker on January 3, 2019

Even his opening line would put Democrats into a rage. ‘Borders are reasonable, how about that.’

The law is the border that keeps someone from stealing your laptop.

Suddenly, when it’s YOUR stuff that’s being protected, those borders are pretty darned important.

Those borders are an important and necessary defining line without which we cannot properly live our lives.

He lays out a simple psychological fact. Liberals, generally, has a lower view of the significance and relevance of borders, not just nationally, but as the defining lines between ideas and values. Conservatives, on the other hand, have a more rigid defense of borders, traditions and values. In a healthy political atmosphere, these groups will work together to seek ideal equilibrium for the benefit of the societal whole.

We have no such healthy atmosphere right now.

And what he said next might make Pelosi-Schumer’s shared brain stroke out.

“if you stand up and say borders, they’re ok. They have their problems, but they’re ok. That doesn’t make you a bigot beyond redemption. It just makes you someone with some sense. And it’s actually OK to be someone with some sense.

Limits on immigration are also reasonable. Well, we need to figure out what those limits are, and that’s what the bloody political dialogue is for. But the fact that it should be limited to some degree is also reasonable.

He goes on to explain why.

Let what you just watched here really sink in. A Canadian PHD who has taught, among other places, at Harvard, just made a case (without ever directly naming people in either side) explaining why Donald Trump, with his insistence on enforcing the national borders, was making a MORE rational case than Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer’s blind opposition to the wall.

What’s even better still? Dr. Peterson made this case in 2017, long before we ever got to either the #SchumerShutdow,let alone the #SecondSchumerShutdown.

And his relatively pro-immigration stance blows away any accusations that he’s a racist bigot.

His argument about nations that have not been governed well fits in nicely with Trump’s argument about ‘extreme vetting’.

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