White Couple, Who Claim They’re Black, Will Have A BLACK Baby According To Doctor

Written by Wes Walker on January 23, 2019

It seems like just yesterday that everyone was bragging about how they ‘effing loved science’. So what happened?

If you have a doctor that’s willing to LIE to you about basic reality, can you really trust him to be honest about anything else?

One couple really doesn’t understand the difference between superficial and cosmetic change, and genetic/biological reality.

A German couple were both born white but decided to darken their skin so they could identify as black. For whatever reason. They used injections to change their apparent skin tone.

This used to be called ‘appropriation’ by the activists. But, maybe in the day of Talcum X and Rachel Dolezal, maybe the ethnicity you ‘identify as’ has become more important than how you were born.

This genius couple seems to have some difficulty with reality. They’re having a baby — life’s gonna be rough for a kid with parents that mixed up — and the doctor gave them some surprising news.

They’re going to have a black baby.

A DOCTOR told you that?

Did it require chicken blood and a ritual under a full moon to determine this, uh, ‘fact’?

A white couple, who have had tanning injections to turn their skin darker, have appeared on This Morning, claiming that doctors have told them that their future children will be born black.

Newly married couple model Martina Big, 30, from Germany and Michael Eurwen, 31 have both had tanning injections, using Melanotan, a synthetic hormone, to darken the skin.

Martina Big, hit the headlines previously due to her plastic surgery, which took her breasts to a 32S.

Her skin colour change has also been well documented. When she started to have the injections, she was a white-skinned model with peroxide blonde hair, but she claims that just three jabs turned her skin black.
Source: FederalistPapers

She really thinks that’s how this works? She’s even dumber than she looks.

When questioned about having children by Holly she said: ‘Doctors have told you that you baby will be black?’

And Martina said: ‘Yep, they said they will be black. We have also discussed about breast feeding and if it is safe for me to have a baby.’

But completely baffled by this scenario Holly questioned her further saying: ‘If that baby is not black, because I’m trying to understand how genetically this would be possible, will you still be close to them if you give birth to a white baby?’

‘Of course- it will be a mix of me and Micheal,’ Martina said, ‘but I’m pretty sure it will be black, but if it is milk chocolate or a little bit lighter it doesn’t matter. ‘
Source: FederalistPapers

Just wondering — what’s the skin color threshold of whiteness that you might find acceptable in a baby you’re bringing into the world, seeing as you’re both WHITE and all?

Here’s what you’re up against crazy lady — genetics don’t care about your delusions.

Do parents with tats have babies with tats? Do Bleach-blondes have blonde-haired kids?

If someone wears green contacts, does she think the baby will have green eyes?

Here’s what a real friend would tell you to your face, if you had one:

You are a couple of insecure white people addicted to radical body transformation.

Your genetics don’t care about your stupid hobby.

Your baby will be white… just like you.

Deal with it.

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