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DEAR CNN: Liberals Wear Blackface, Fake Hate Crimes And Ridicule Murder Victims Of Illegal Aliens – Is That ‘NEWS?’

Has the Left noticed fewer followers goose-stepping to their drumbeat? There are some REALLY good reasons for that.

When the media builds an entire industry on demonizing the OTHER team, only to have it slip out that the lies they tell about Republicans actually turn out to be disturbingly true of the Democrats, is it any wonder former Democrat loyallists have started jumping ship?

The call it being ‘red-pilled’.

A single Tweet from Rosanne Barr — one that wasn’t even intended as a racist slur — was enough to erase her entire life’s work from the public record. Even the Progressive reruns of shows from the 90s became verboten.

Kevin Hart? He once told a joke about not wanting his kid to be gay… so his invite to host the Oscars was revoked.

And the Kavanaugh story? A sitting judge whose life had been combed over by the FBI six times previously for security checks was presumed guilty and was expected to prove his innocence for vague allegations of attacks said to have occurred at an unknown location on an unknown date.

The ‘credible’ accusations turned out to be exactly what most of us thought they were. Not credible… not even remotely. They fell apart under scrutiny.

Senate Judiciary Committee Releases Report Damning To Blasey Ford’s Accusation Against Kavanaugh — Here’s The 411

Someone who argued for the presumption of innocence even lost his job over it.
Catholic University Dean Fired Because Of His Kavanaugh-Related Thought Crime

So, what are the rules in our Brave New World where free speech is a fading fantasy?

1) a single careless statement is enough to nuke a career… if it’s deemed to be ‘racist’.

2) racism is now an unpardonable sin… the accused is afforded no opportunity to face his or her accuser. The consequence is a summary execution — of the accused’s career

3) Time and context do not matter. “It was a long time ago” is no defense. Yearbooks from decades gone by are fair game, having been presented in the political assassination attempts against — among others — Kavanaugh and Roy Moore.

But a Virginian Governor not only talks about infanticide as though it’s as common as getting a root canal, but he was outed days later for a Blackface / KKK yearbook photo. EVERYONE in his party demanded he step down… for about five minutes.

In ‘defending’ himself, Northam said he had put shoe polish on his face while dressing like Michael Jackson and Moonwalking in one glove.

Weeks after the fact, he’s still in office. So is his ‘credibly accused’ — to use a phrase kicked around so often during the Kavanaugh hearings — second-in-command despite two women claiming to have been sexually assaulted by him.

And then there was ANOTHER blackface story by Virginia’s AG.

All three of them are still in office, for some reason.

As for hate crimes? Example after example of those turn out to be Hoaxes FAKING a hate crime for whatever can be gained by the victimhood claim. They even go as far as placing fake police reports, diverting police resources from REAL crimes like, say, the 83% of murders in Chicago that went unsolved in 2017.

The voters Democrats once assumed were a slam dunk in supporting their candidates are asking the same uncomfortable questions Kanye started asking out loud last year.

Who says ANY party should be guaranteed your vote, just because you have a certain skin color?

Kanye’s Twitter Rant About Democrats CONTROLLING Blacks Is Shaking Libs Up!

Part of being a free citizen is being free to vote for or against a party — or politician — based on their performance and merit. Nothing obligates you to slavish obedience to one party for your entire life, or even for a single election cycle.

This is America. Freedom is your birthright.

Go ahead and exercise it.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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