DISGUSTING: Look How The FBI Raided 66yr. Old Roger Stone’s Home

Written by Wes Walker on February 9, 2019

The pre-dawn raid included a SWAT team, guns drawn, a helicopter and … amphibious vehicles?

What? Did they think they were busting Bruce Wayne or something? There are a finite number of police resources, and THAT is how they decided to allocate them?

A lot about this story seems more than a little weird.

Like Apple playing by some VERY different rules with his privacy.
Quadruple Standards: Apple Gives Up Roger Stone’s Data, But Protected The ‘Privacy’ Of TERRORISTS

Stone had already indicated an intent to cooperation with Mueller through his lawyers, so what is it that supposedly justifies the show of force seen in this video?

That depends on who you’re asking. The political left, who are cheering each and every move Mueller makes as though it were a solid punch in the President’s face, see nothing wrong with it. Some even played the ‘cops are racist’ card while mocking the treatment he got.

That’s not the only explanation. Here’s an interesting detail to note about the guy who got the ‘scoop’. (See the subtweet.)

It IS still illegal to leak details about an arrest like this, right?

The judge expressed his own reasons for thinking that arrest went down with such an overwhelming show of force when they were coming for an older man with an expired passport

Is he right about this being to intimidate Stone, or to sway the Jury?

If he was such a threat, as the Left supposes, how did he walk out a free man the same day?

Not all theories are serious, even if they offer some perspective and a reminder of what it can look like when authorites overreach:

There is one Other theory.

Was there any OTHER news… especially if it’s anything concerning the Spygate drama, or players he might want to protect … unfolding around that same time?

Because a dramatic arrest like this one is an effective way to ‘change the channel’ in the news, if people are daring to discuss the ‘wrong’ issues.

And can you read the shirt he was wearing when arrested?

“Roger Stone Did Nothing Wrong”.

Gotta give the guy some credit there.

He sure knows how to get his message out.

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