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DISGUSTING: What Bouncers Did To This Young Lady Deserves Some JAIL TIME

What a jackass power trip… it’s somewhere up there with ripping off somebody’s prosthetic leg.

Life got complicated for Sha Davis pretty quickly. She had her first child at 29, and weeks later was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. After eight surgeries, she had part of her intestines removed, and has required a medical appliance ever since.

Having your own body turn on itself as the enemy is hard enough.

Having to wear a colostomy bag, (description here). In the simplest terms, it’s an airtight/watertight receptacle that does the job her large intestine would do if she still had one.

All the personal and medical inconveniences that come with using a colostomy bag? That complicates life still more. But there is no excuse for how the bouncers at the club humiliated her. (‘Stoma’, when you read further, is the medical term for ‘opening’.)

But since then, Davis has had to endure many embarrassing situations since having her colostomy bag fitted, as many people still don’t understand what it is and they often assume the bulge under her top is something she is trying to hide.

‘I have had so many negative experiences in public with my stoma, especially in airports and night clubs,’ Davis said.

‘The work staff in the airports act like they’ve never seen or heard of a colostomy bag when I’m going through the security check points. Some workers will look disgusted or will pat me down roughly without any care for my colostomy bag.

‘At night clubs the security guards have patted me down so rough and one time a security guard actually tore off my stoma bag after pulling at it so hard, then he questioned me on what it was.
Source: DailyMail

‘It can also be embarrassing when I’m in quiet places and my stoma bag passes gas, or when it needs to be emptied and it looks like a balloon is sticking out of my shirt.

It’s a lightweight, disposable piece of plastic, works like a baggie and is held on by a special adhesive. It is not designed to be manhandled, and could easily rupture if mistreated.

Is it security’s job to make sure that people are safe? Obviously.

But for the same reason you don’t throw someone with scoliosis to the ground, you wouldn’t want to rupture a medical device through negligence, either.

President Eisenhower used an ostomy bag. They’re not as rare as you think.

There’s no reason Ms Davis should have been disrespected and embarrassed by security ‘professionals’.

Fortunately, she’s not the kind of person to ‘let the bastards grind her down’. She has taken her diagnosis in stride, with a great attitude.

Sha continues to spread her positivity regarding Crohn’s disease, as she hopes to motivate others to continue to fight rather than give up and let the disease take control of their lives.

Despite her diagnosis, she is still very grateful for the life she is able to lead, and she doesn’t let it stop her from living each day as it comes, sharing her story on Instagram at The Girl With The Bag.

Crohn’s has a fantastic — and lovely — advocate for their cause on their hands. Sounds like she’s a helluva lady.

And for anyone who thinks that a setback — medical or otherwise — means you have to live in shame or stop living your life, her Instagram will prove just how wrong that is.

She’s comfortable enough that she even shows a couple of closeups of her stoma on socil media.

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