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If Rep. Ilhan Omar Is Against ‘Money In Politics’, Why Is She Scheduled To Speak At A CAIR Fundraiser?

The freshman Congresswoman seems to raise more questions than answers.

In case you missed it, ClashDaily published an article a few days ago about 5 rather troubling things that the Media(D) has ignored regarding Rep. Ilhan Omar(D-MN). It’s rather complicated and it really needs one of those Karl Rove whiteboards so that you can follow along, but I did the best that I could!

Despite the rather salacious rumor that she may have married her brother in order to commit immigration and student loan fraud, and her seemingly close ties to the (corrupt) Somali government, the Media(D) has not given Omar any real scrutiny. Rather, the majority of outlets have defended her at every turn.

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s tweets managed to make news and some reporters were asking some tough questions, but her non-answers and blatant rudeness to journalists seemed to point to either a lack of sincerity or an incredible amount of arrogance — perhaps both.

The tweets where she implied that America’s pro-Israeli policy wasn’t because it is the lone functioning democracy in the Middle East, but rather that Jewish money had purchased the position revealed a pattern of anti-Semitism — a concern that was raised by Jewish leaders in Minnesota when she was running for Congress.

Omar’s statements were defended online by notorious racist, David Duke, who seems to be going back to the KKK’s Democratic roots: (Good riddance, asshat!)

And by some that could be called ‘journalists’ like Ashley Feinberg of HuffPo who condemned ‘conflating the Israeli government with all Jews’. Omar retweeted this tweet, by the way:

Omar’s non-pology basically said that she’s sorry for offending people and using Jewish tropes, but she’s standing by her statement condemning ‘Jewish money’ in politics — which literally is the trope in question.

She wants to have her cake and eat it, too.

Omar has said that it is ‘exciting’ that her views on Israel are ‘sparking debate’ because they challenge the status quo.

As far as I can tell, despite her criticism of ‘money in politics’, no one has questioned Omar on why it’s bad for pro-Israeli Americans to have a bipartisan advocacy group like the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) but it’s perfectly fine for Muslims to have the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR).

Interestingly, although Omar seems to imply otherwise, AIPAC doesn’t directly donate to candidates, whereas CAIR does.

No one has anyone asked Omar why she’s going to be speaking at a CAIR fundraising banquet in March, but I think I may have figured it out.

Even though Omar condemns ‘money in politics’ that buys political positions, according to FEC records, Omar received almost $60,000 from PACs and lobbyists, including a $5,000 donation from the CAIR CA PAC.

Not only that, CAIR CA PAC, a California-based PAC, hosted three fundraisers for the Minnesota Congressional candidate. (This doesn’t violate any campaign rules, in case you were thinking that.)

No wonder she’s going back to Cali to speak at their banquet!

She’s not so careful with whom she appears, it seems.

She will deliver her address alongside CAIR-Florida director Hassan Shibly, according to a CAIR flier promoting the event. Shibly is a dedicated Islamist and bigoted gay basher. A fan of radical clerics, he has routinely refused to categorize U.S.-designated terror groups Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations, according to the Clarion Project. Moreover, Shibly regularly takes to social media to demonize the U.S. military as equivalent to the jihadi terrorists that they are fighting.

The director of CAIR-Los Angeles is Hussam Ayloush, who, like many CAIR executives, has disturbing Islamist views. Following the tragic San Bernardino terrorist attacks, Ayloush suggested that the United States was “partly responsible” for the ISIS-led attack on innocents in California. “Let’s not forget that some of our own foreign policy, as Americans, as the West, have fueled that extremism,” he added. Ayloush has in the past described U.S. military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan as part of a campaign to instill “fear of the Muslims.”

Source: Conservative Review

I really do hate the whataboutism that happens all the time online, but it’s difficult to not notice double-standards when they’re so blatantly obvious. Do you know how conservatives are condemned for their associations? Well, so far, we’ve got a viciously bigoted cleric sharing the dais at a speaking event, and David Duke, rabid white supremacist and former Grand Wizard of the KKK, coming to her defense on Twitter. Wasn’t President Trump vilified for getting an endorsement from Duke — which Duke later rescinded? How is this not comparable?

The CAIR event is not the only controversial speaking engagement that Omar has lined up. On February 23 she is scheduled to speak at the Islamic Relief USA fundraising dinner, which had listed as another speaker Yousef Abdullah, who had openly praised violence against Jews. You can read our ClashDaily coverage of that ‘misunderstanding’ about the situation here.

I really do miss the days when we had actual journalists in America. I guess going soft on one party for 8 years because they were holding water for them has made journalists forget how to do their job properly.

If only there was a cure for their partisan hackery…

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