LMAO: Dems Say Joe Biden Is A ‘Weaker Candidate Than Hillary’ — He’s Still Leading The Pack

Written by K. Walker on February 12, 2019

Could Biden’s 2020 Presidential run be finished before it even begins?

Former Vice President Joe Biden hasn’t even formally announced that he’s running in 2020, but the knives are already out. McClatchy DC interviewed over 30 Democrat ‘insiders’ about a possible Biden run. The results of these (mostly anonymous) conversations have been published an article that says that although Democrats like Biden, and he’s leading in the polls, strategists say that he is a ‘weaker candidate than Hillary.’

That’s got to be a gut-punch to the former Vice President.

To be compared to someone so thoroughly unlikeable has got to be demoralizing — I’d even venture to say dehumanizing.

Joe Biden is everything a Democratic political consultant should love: He’s experienced, well-liked, and his poll numbers look great against Donald Trump.

Here comes the big ‘BUT’…

And yet many party strategists have a bleak assessment of his potential 2020 campaign: It’s a bad, bad idea.

What’s the problem? Biden himself thinks that he’s the most qualified candidate to run against President Trump.

If it were up to Biden, he’d probably settle the 2020 Presidential Race after school behind the gym. (Although, his chances for winning that fight don’t look very good if you ask me.)

Admittedly, Biden is not without his flaws.

He’s 76 years old, tied inextricably to the Obama administration (which is a pro- or a con- depending on your political views,) was Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee during the Clarence Thomas high-tech lynching — er, confirmation process, has a habit of verbal gaffes, and has a very creepy, grope-y way with young girls that’s not acceptable in our #MeToo era.

And yet, a poll from CNN just a few days ago shows that most Democrats believe that Biden is their best bet against Trump. So, why are they throwing cold water on his chances so early?

It has to do with ‘fresh faces’ making waves in the Democratic party.

The ‘fresh faces’ like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. *cough*They’re all anti-Semites*cough*

“This last election cycle, we’ve seen a whole new level of energy that has emerged through a lot of fresh faces, and the party has moved in that direction and wants to hear new ideas and different messages,” said Norm Sterzenbach, a former executive director of the Iowa Democratic Party who now works as a consultant in the state.

Added Jim Manley, longtime Democratic operative: “I’m not convinced Biden is the right way to go at this point in time.”

“The folks I’ve talked to are a little taken aback” by his potential candidacy, Manley said. “No one quite understands where it’s coming from.”

Political operatives don’t decide who wins, however, and some believe that Biden still has a chance.

(Oh, please, oh, please, oh, please, let him run! The Trump tweets would be as sweet as the nectar of the Gods!)

They see Biden’s rising stardom with Democrats as a warning sign that they overlooked with Hillary.

“Among political professionals, there are deep concerns because we know the history,” said a Pennsylvania-based Democratic strategist, granted anonymity to speak candidly about a party elder. “We have reason to be skeptical of the hype.”

“We heard it with Hillary, and we saw it happened,” the source added. “And there’s a lot of reason to think he would wind up a significantly weaker candidate than Hillary.”

But they’re all hedging around the real issue. Joe Biden is a white man and the party his jumped all-in on the identity politics bandwagon. His chances are pretty slim compared to candidates that are women, or a minority, or both like Kamala Harris, whose candidacy is being hyped by the Media(D) as ‘Obama-like’.

Many of these strategists say that if Biden did win the nomination, they don’t think he would have a better chance of defeating Donald Trump than other top-tier contenders such as Kamala Harris or Kirsten Gillibrand — disputing the claim from many Biden supporters that he represents the safe choice in an election when rank-and-file voters are desperate to win back the White House.

“Let’s be honest: He’s an older white guy,” said Jim Cauley, a longtime Kentucky-based Democratic strategist. “Does he connect with the base?”

Source: McClatchy DC

That, right there, is the issue — a former Senator and the former Vice President under the ‘rock star’ President that was nigh-unto-worshipped by the Media(D) is being tossed aside because he is a white male.

This is the Democratic Party in 2019.

And they dare to lecture us about ‘morality’? Puh-leeze.

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