LMAO: Restaurant Tries ‘SOCIALIST’ Experiment With Pricing And Quickly Goes Down The CRAPPER

Written by Wes Walker on February 6, 2019

They learned the hard way that ‘believing’ in something hard enough won’t make it true. Reality is a cruel taskmaster.

People too young to remember the Cold War haven’t had the opportunity to watch socialist ‘Utopias’ topple over and collapse under their own unsustainable weight.

Just like people too young to remember the Twin Towers falling might see the threat of radical Islam differently from those who can.

Some lessons are transformative and leave a lasting impression.

Until a new generation comes along and needs to learn them all over again.

We can’t all wait around for the next civilizational collapse to teach that lesson to another generation. (Although Venezuela is doing its best to implode in a hurry.)

But we can still see those same principles in action on a smaller scale.

Like this Restaraunt consciously built on Socialist principles. Remember, the problem with Socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.

The media — who spend so much of their time peddling long-debunked socialist pipe dreams were stoked when they heard the idea. Watch the glowing CBS profile of Panera Cares:

It did not end well. The failure point was exactly the same ones we’d expect. Human nature.

The principle was that it was a regular store in Dearborn Michigan, with a catch. It was ‘community owned’.

That means people paid for a product, but instead of it being a set price, you pay what you are able to pay.

For things to balance off, the people who couldn’t afford the full suggested price would need to be offset by those who voluntarily paid more. And all the public education in the world didn’t change the facts. People were not interested in overpaying for a product.

…Panera tried to create a socialist system in which meals were offered at a suggested donation price. That means some people would pay more while others would pay less based on what they felt like or could afford. By not simply offering food at a low price (hat-tip, Dollar Tree), Panera completely removed any incentive for patrons to meet even the lowest standards of consumer/retailer exchange. The result: some people paid their fair share while others enjoyed a “free lunch.”

Upon opening the first Panera Cares in 2010, the company founder Ron Shaich said the cafe was designed as a quasi-test on human sensibility to raise awareness about food insecurity. “In many ways, this whole experiment is ultimately a test of humanity,” Shaich said in a TEDx talk. “Would people pay for it? Would people come in and value it?”

Panera Cares went on to open five locations in cities like Dearborn, Portland, Chicago, Boston, and St. Louis. None of the restaurants were self-sustaining, with some locations reportedly being “mobbed” by students along with homeless people looking for a free meal.

“The Portland-based Panera Cares was reportedly only recouping between 60 and 70 percent of its total costs,” reports Eater. “The losses were attributed to students who ‘mobbed’ the restaurant and ate without paying, as well as homeless patrons who visited the restaurant for every meal of the week. The location eventually limited the homeless to ‘a few meals a week.'”
Source: DaiyWire

They could have offered more modest and affordable menu options that students could afford.

Nah. They relied on the willingness of others to pay more than the food was worth.

“Shockingly”, there were more people looking for the free handout than there were willing to pay more.

If you wonder how this principle works, ask yourself whether Bernie has sold any of his three houses, or even rented two out to generate funding for charities?

Have any of the politicians on the Left or Hollywood Elites voluntarily paid MORE than the taxman told them was owed? They are the ones nagging the rest of us about ‘people paying their fair share’.

That’s what we thought.

Socialism is such a failure that even the people PUSHING it don’t REALLY want to live by its principles.

NOW does what Trump said immediately after addressing the new Government in Venezuela make sense?

He was speaking to the Bernie Bros and the Neo-Socialist ‘New Green Deal’ crowd who want to run the Country on a larger version of this restaurant’s failed model.

Just like what she herself is doing with the ‘Billionaires’ she wants to soak for money, people in this model always want some OTHER guy to pick up the slack.

They take out more than they put in.

And the whole enterprise collapses in on itself.

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