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Occasional-Cortex Calls The GOP ‘Intellectually Bankrupt’ And Then Does A Dance Video

What — has an ‘activist’ such as herself never actually heard of the ‘Streisand Effect’?

AOC is back to doing what she does best. Milking media attention to push a narrative.

Earlier in the month, she was milking the goodwill given to their favorite flavor making it to Washington.

When she took office, she put out a video thinking Republicans because — what — Republicans supposedly react to dancing the way vampires react to garlic …? She seemed pretty proud of herself, with this tweet anyway:

But now she’s changing gears.

She’s painting herself as a ‘poor victim’ and striking out at her oppressors. It’s almost as though she’s hoping we’ll forget about the gaffes and SNAFUs when she shot herself in the foot with that ever-so-mockable Green New Deal.

The rollout she and her team promptly lied about, blaming ‘Republicans’ for the ‘lies’ in it that her party was suddenly desperate to distance itself from.

You know, the parts about cow farts, and doing away with air travel, or (in particular) the paycheck that even people who don’t WANT to work could get.

She’s a Socialist. Even the Leftist VOX said so proudly when the radical left still thought it was ok to openly admit it. (Cited in our article: Venezuela: How The Left Is Failing The Freedom Test) But we’re not supposed to talk about the REAL ambitions of her project. Not even when she recently belonged to a group that called for the abolition of private industries of many products deemed ‘necessities’. (referenced in the link)

Here’s their darling lashing out at John LeFevre for tweeting about her.

Of course, when you’re a Democrat, ONE guy gets to be the voice of the ENTIRE Right, but when another fresh face of the Democrat Party tweets out something anti-Semitic, like this:

… SHE gets to be dismissed as — wait for it — NOT speaking for everyone.

You get to have it both ways when you’re a Democrat, you see. It’s one of the perks offered by our erstwhile ‘Free Press’ in Media(D).

Fortunately, there are still some people willing to ask tough questions. Not that we’re holding our breaths waiting for an answer.

Seeing as AOC saw nothing wrong with a nice chat with Jeremy Corbyn, she probably will NOT condemn Omar’s remarks.

But, let’s get back to She Guevera‘s injured bird routine…

Actually, that’s a lie. And a pretty pathetic one at that.

We here at ClashDaily saw that same tweet, but had no interest in retweeting it and turn it into a story. Of course now that SHE is retweeting it, it has become the story. See: Streisand effect.

We have no idea what her credit score is, nor do we really care.

But, as an aside, considering the enormous financial ignorance many of her public statements thus far it suggests a question worth pondering… should the credit score of people setting the NATION’s budget be of any concern to the electorate?

After all, Senator Shifty is gung-ho on digging into the financials of every Tom, Dick and Harry that’s ever shaken the President’s hand, right? Because it’s somehow of ‘National Interest’ and (of course) history has ZERO examples of the IRS ever being used as a political weapon? Not even against MLK, right?

Back to her tweets again.

She doesn’t seriously think the GOP has cornered the market in the politics of personal destruction, does she? She has only to look around at elected members of her own party for examples of name-calling Alinsky-type tactics of personal destruction.

Two (!) elected Republicans have been PHYSICALLY attacked by Democrats just since Trump’s election. One of them shot at, the other hospitalized while mowing his own damned lawn.

Conspiracy theory?

No… she’s getting mocked for being the political version of Drake.

She’s not some hard-luck story of a girl who came up from the mean streets.

She hopes we’ll forget that she carefully built her narrative around being a down-and-out girl from the rough side of town and freaked out when people fact-checked her.

She can cry all she wants about how ‘mistreated’ she’s been. But from here, this looks like the desperate tweets of someone desperate to forget the one thing she REALLY can’t handle.

She unveiled her brain-child to the world… and the world laughed.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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