Manchin Describes The Beating He Took From DEM’s For Standing During Trump’s SOTU

Written by K. Walker on February 11, 2019

What happened to the ‘bipartisanship’ that Democrats claim that they love so much?

Let’s be honest — to Democrats, bipartisanship only means caving to Democrat demands. It’s not agreeing on issues regardless of party.

Sen. Joe Manchin(D-WV) spoke to several high school students in his home state the day after the State of the Union address.

A Civics class of 14 Webster County High School students was surprised when their scheduled phone call with Sen. Manchin suddenly included a ‘virtual visit’ from the President.

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The Washington Examiner explained how the Skype call from Sen. Manchin was interrupted by a phone call from the President, and how, after putting the class on hold briefly, the Senator returned to the call with a ‘surprise’ for the students. The President wanted to speak to the class as well, so Sen. Manchin put the call on speakerphone.

That exciting moment led to Sen. Manchin discussing how he could hear boos behind him and ‘feel the daggers’ when he applauded some points that President Trump made during the State of the Union speech. You know, that one that called for unity?

Manchin said the most “controversial thing I applauded” were the personal issues on life. “Well, there’s just no way that I could ever. I mean how anybody could support late-term abortions?” he said.

Manchin said he “could … feel the daggers” when he stood up for Trump’s remarks calling for legislation to curb third-trimester abortions. “Late-term abortions, my goodness. It would have to be a dire medical situation,” he said, adding that what Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam had supported and what New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has done with late-term abortion bills in their states is “just totally unconscionable to me.”

Manchin said he was a little struck by the Reuters photo he saw taken of him standing during the speech and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sitting behind him giving him the stink eye: “My goodness. Well, I could hear the boos a little bit, you know, I didn’t know if the boos were for the president or for me standing, I wasn’t sure. But I could sure feel the daggers.”

I know, right? Who could support that kind of horrific baby-killing?

That’s why I call Democrats the Party of Moloch — they seem to be completely unapologetic in their baby-killing and are touting it as a virtue.


As for the students, they were thrilled to have the opportunity to speak to the President.

Brennan Williams is still grinning ear to ear a few days after the experience. “Well, I mean, I’ve never talked to somebody that important before, and it was just crazy,” he said of initially talking to Manchin.

“Then, the president of the United States calls the senator and then decides he wants to talk to us, well, that was even crazier. I just couldn’t stop smiling; I still can’t,” the 18-year-old senior said.

His classmate Parker Stout, 18, said it was an honor he will never forget. “We prepared for our Skype call with Sen. Manchin by watching the State of the Union Address Tuesday night. What we never expected was that that would include talking to the president,” Stout said.
Source: Washington Examiner

Sen. Manchin said that the President was calling him to thank him for applauding during the bipartisan moments of his speech on Tuesday night.

The Senator from West Virginia wasn’t the only one that took heat for showing approval for the President’s statements. Sen. Kyrsten Sinema appears to have been warned to ‘watch her ass‘ when she stood and applauded the passing of the ‘Right to Try’ legislation.

Well, it looks like Republicans know what bipartisanship means. Now we just have to explain the rules to the Media(D) and voters. That shouldn’t be too hard, after all, America loved President Trump’s SOTU speech. 

Our Own Resident Artist Doug Giles has released the latest offering in his MAGA series.

We finally have a Republican leader who’s ready to fight when it’s a ‘hill worth dying on’. He did it for Kavanaugh, he’s doing it again.

Trump is rebelling against the establishment’s demands that he bow the knee to public pressure. He wants that wall.

What better way to capture that ‘try and stop me’ attitude, than with a bonafide American Icon. Like Trump, this painting pulls no punches.

It’s simply called ‘Build The Wall

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