The Internet BLASTS ABC For Bullying 11yr. Joshua Trump Because He Dozed Off During SOTU

Written by Wes Walker on February 8, 2019

Have the Media(D) forgotten the reason he was invited there in the FIRST place?

Joshua Trump has had a rough ride.

So it was with Joshua Trump.

Guess what ‘issue’ he had difficulties with at school?

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School life can be tough in the best of circumstances. But if, by some stroke of cruel luck, you happen to carry the same last name as the most vilified scapegoat and cartoon villain in all of Hollywood, music, news and social media — it’s going to be that much harder.

We covered his story in December.
DISGUSTING: Young Boy FORCED To Drop His Last Name ‘Trump’ Because Of Jack@sses At School

Long story short, he was pulled out of school for a year and homeschooled. Now that he’s in Middle school, they’re careful not to use his last name.

Trump invited the little guy to be among the guests at the State Of The Union, and he came.

But it WAS a stuffy political event…

Late at night…

And Joshua is an eleven-year-old boy.

To the surprise of nobody, he nodded off.

And ABC CLOBBERED him over it.

Because the kid hadn’t been through enough already.

And so did some other Blue-check jackasses.

Give your head a shake, BJ. He’s a kid.

And their hangers-on took the occasion for (yet another) cheap shot against President Trump.

Uh, sure. That story doesn’t sound made-to-order at all. No really, it probably happened.

After all, they can’t ALL be hoaxes, right?

It’s like the Left are trying to corner the market on everything that sucks.

If they want to corner the market on things that suck, let them have it.

Knock yourselves out.

We’re too busy with what’s awesome.

So, too, is our President.

It’s all the energy and the optimism of the 1980s recaptured for a new generation and the 80s were awesome!

Music was kick-ass. Movies were fun. The sky was the limit under the Reagan economy. There was a spirit of energy and optimism that’s difficult to describe to anyone who wasn’t part of it.

Eventually, it all petered out and faded into memory. Then Trump came along, cranked up the tunes and got America Rocking again!

He plowed through the endless #Resistance and has put the nation Back on Track.

If you want to celebrate the MAGA movement with a copy of this art for your wall, there are a variety of sizes and price points for you to choose from.

Trump’s been hard at work Putting America First and Making America Great Again.

And he’s having a helluva time while he’s doing it. Energy, Optimism and a belief that America — and her people — really ARE great!

It’s what we should EXPECT of our leaders, isn’t it? Here’s a painting depicting EXACTLY why we WILL see “Four More Years”.

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