WATCH: MN’s Female Muslim Rep Compares The USA To Al Qaeda

Written by Wes Walker on February 8, 2019

Thanks, Minnesota, you really picked a winner this time.

Remember when Obama got elected and Chris Matthew let us all know about that creepy ‘thrill up my leg’ he had?

It’s like that… only with terrorists.

And they picked her to be on the House Foreign Affairs Committee?

Watch the video and ask yourself how brilliant THAT decision was.

This woman has unconcealed disdain for America and our military, but listen to the emotion in her voice, and look at her body language — and especially the wide smile when she mentions some OTHER groups.

Contrast that to the sneer when she says America or England. Is she culturally insensitive? Did she not get the memo that ‘no culture is better than any other’? Oh, right. It’s perfectly fine to crap all over OUR culture. Just so long as it’s not ‘those’ people over there.

At least she was honest enough to mention Hezbollah and Al Quaeda together like that. It shows that she really DOES know what’s really going on.

You might wonder how someone like this could possibly get put in a position of authority in their party. It’s not that hard to figure out.

For one thing, it’s tied to their pandering to every special interest and grievance group they can possibly cobble into their Intersectional Coalition. The only real ‘glue’ in that keeps that herd of cats together is opposition to a common enemy: The traditional vision of America itself.

They need to rage against an oppressor.

For another thing, this is the natural progression of the ‘Fundamental Transformation’ started by POTUS #44. Remember how he was SO committed to striking a deal with Iran that he told our DEA to stand down on enormous shipments of cocaine coming into America? That he had investigations into — wait for it — Hezbollah mothballed so that it wouldn’t offend the world’s largest State sponsor of terror and upset his precious Iran deal?

We haven’t all forgotten the Project Cassandra story already, have we?

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We could have nailed one of the world’s largest terrorists, but…

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But hey, isn’t it so wonderful that we have cultural diversity in Congress?

Diversity is all well and good. But shouldn’t love of America be at least a REQUIREMENT of anyone serving in Congress?

Or have we truly changed that much as a nation?

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