UNREAL: John Wayne Is Now The Focus Of The Left’s RAGE – Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on February 20, 2019

How easily offended are Leftists? Now they’re mad at an American icon who’s been dead forty years for what he said in an interview eight years before he died.

In 1971 — yes, something that happened in 1971 really has become ‘news’ in 2019 — John Wayne was interviewed by Playboy magazine. He was asked questions about race relations only a few short years after the Race Riots in New York and elsewhere. The answers he gave — nearly fifty years ago — have them angry.

Here’s one of the answers he gave that has snowflakes the most triggered. (His low opinion of storylines similar to Brokeback Mountain would be a close second.)

So, let’s take a moment and digest what he said that offends them so.

First, John Wayne recognized their legitimate grievances. That shouldn’t be offensive, should it? Then he acknowledged the fact that many black Americans had been denied a proper education, and — for that reason — were unprepared to lead.

He said that education was the necessary step to prepare them for assuming leadership, and that once so prepared they will be as able to take on leadership roles as any other person.

What is it he said that’s controversial, aside from the two words he used to describe what would happen in the interim while the full education of black citizens got up to speed?

As for his concerns about some students entering college without the requisite learning, isn’t that exactly the concern raised by experts who wonder if affirmative action at the prestigious schools has set students with mediocre grades up for massive failure that could have been avoided had they gone to community or state colleges with less rigorous training?

John Wayne almost perfectly describes the ‘unintended harm’ this Heritage article has observed from that data surrounding affirmitve action all these years later.

Though the Court has long accepted the practice of state-run schools factoring race and ethnicity into their decisions about whether to admit students, the justices should consider one of the unintended consequences of these affirmative action policies: Students admitted based on their skin color, rather than their merit, may end up “mismatched” with their school, which leads to low grades and high dropout rates. — Heritage

Huh. And leftists are triggered by that. Even though his major premise was proven right. Some people work really hard to be offended.

Things are so VERY bad in America that leftists have to:

– mock angel families
– fake hate crimes
– dig up tweets from celebrities from decades ago
– search through obscure interviews from nearly 50 years ago with an actor that has been dead for 40 years

Our Big Dawg, Doug Giles, has immortalized ‘The Duke’ as Rooster Cogburn. The original painting has been sold, but you can get still get yourself a copy.

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