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WATCH: Occasional-Cortex PROVES Once Again That She Knows SH*T About Economics

Ignorant tweets like these make a strong case for her getting a refund on that Economics degree of hers.

Whatever you think about government subsidies targeting individual businesses to woo them, having thousands of jobs in a neighborhood is better than NOT having thousands of jobs. There are countless direct and indirect benefits.

But try explaining that little detail to AOC. Corporations are bad.

She had the brilliant idea of ‘giving away’ billions for other government projects instead of ‘giving it away’ to Amazon.

You know, I think it’s really important that we understand that we need to invest in our economy, but we need to invest in our people, and to give away $3 billion to a company that has a history of worker exploitation that’s paying below what the cost of New York City is not acceptable for us. We need to have good jobs, and they need to come to the table as in — you know, any company that wants to come to New York needs to come to the table as an equal partner, and you look at how Google came to New York; it was not nearly as controversial as this, and I think it’s because of, they were willing to work with local communities.
Source: DailyWire

Donald Trump Jr lit her up.

How could we explain something this simple to — well — someone so simple?

Let’s try it this way.

You know those ‘cash-back’ credit cards, where you get back one or two percent of whatever you spend? When they do that, they are returning some small portion of your OWN money that you have already spent on their card.

That’s what a tax break is like.

If the customer cancels his credit card, the credit card company doesn’t SAVE any money. The cash-back doesn’t go into a bank account as ‘money saved’.

It’s a net LOSS of income.

Heaven help us that such financially illiterate people are in positions of public trust.


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Wes Walker

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