We Are Losing America

Written by Larry Usoff on February 26, 2019

Today, in America, we have a judiciary that challenges the actions of the duly-elected President of the United States…and that’s alright because we are a nation of laws and law-abiding citizens. Where the courts go wrong, in my not-so-humble opinion, is when they advocate not just the opposite of what’s being proposed, but when it is an out-and-out slap to the face of the citizenry, and is detrimental, and contrary to, the Constitution. If I may use a quote from one of my heroes, David Farragut, when he reportedly said, “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead”, at the battle of Mobile Bay, and I’ll sort of paraphrase it. “Damn the pinheaded courts, full speed ahead, and build that wall. If they mean to have a fight, we’ll have one, but the wall will be building while we settle with the pinheads!”

Sometime back one could see another phrase all over the place: “America… love it or leave it.” You don’t see that much, if at all, but it still has a nice ring to it. Why have we abandoned that line of thinking? We, who claim to be patriots, still believe in that phrase, but there are others who, ironically, also claim to be patriots but are diametrically opposed to anything that smacks of patriotism, love of country, or playing by the rules. What has gone wrong in the United States? If we are, as claimed by those other patriots, so terrible, why are people willing to risk life and limb to get here and enter/stay illegally? Something is not quite right on the other side of our national discussion.

Trying to be completely equitable, my eyes popped wide open as I listed the actions that the other side (Democrats, the lefty loonies, Progressives, Socialists, Communists) has done. To be sure, the GOP is not blameless but, honestly, I could find nothing documented that even came close to what “they” have pulled. Depending upon how far back you want to go, we have an example from the Civil War 1.0 (because I think 2.0 is just around the corner). Republicans voted to free the slaves, Democrats voted against it. The 1924 Democratic convention, which was nicknamed “The Klan Bake” because of all the hooded men in white robes that were present. The previous administration was directly responsible for a failed healthcare program that forced you to either buy it or pay a fine for not buying it. It was also responsible for the rise of Black Lives Matter(BLM) which caused havoc in several cities. Hussein’s Horde was clearly behind the rise of Antifa, a violent and very confused organization. While all the while claiming to be anti-Fascist, they are using all the tools that the Nazi “brown shirts” used in the 1930’s, and they were fascists from the get-go.

Common Core, that miserable, weirdly-concocted scheme of education, almost ruined the lower grades in our school systems. Of course, the “educators” in those systems, and that goes all the way up to college, are not what one might call open-minded. It has been said that the American educational system has been morphed into a one-sided indoctrination, allowing no form of alternate thinking or speech. College campuses, once the best place to find lively discussions on the pro or con of a subject, have become fingers on the propaganda arm of the Democrat party, and the professors will brook no opposition to their train of thought. It is, literally, worth your life to show up on a campus with any sort of clothing, a symbol, or an idea, that runs counter to what’s being spoon-fed into the brains of impressionable myrmidons.

As an example, one of my readers sent me an anecdote which, they swore, was real. Personally, I believe that it is real because I’ve listened to various “in-the-street” interviews with both students and “teachers”…neither side impressed me with their intelligence. Here’s the story: “Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk, the navigator of the Enola Gay and alleges that he was introduced to students by their teacher as a veteran of World War Eleven. Major Van Kirk is 92 years old, the author of “My True Course” and still speaks about the famous flight of the Enola Gay. Dutch was asked to speak at a grammar school this past week.

The young teacher introduced him by saying that the speaker was a veteran of World War Eleven, (as in WW11).

Dutch stood up and walked out of the school without saying a word.” If the story is true, you have a clear understanding of the level of intelligence in the ones that are “teaching”. That sort of stupidity runs rampant throughout the entire public/government school systems in this country. Not a day goes by but what an article will appear clearly illustrating the one-sidedness of what passes for an education these days.

Parting shot: It seems that “the younger generation(s)” are willing to accept very nearly everything, and that might include the surrender of their country, so long as they get the freebies that have been promised to them. Socialism, which is Communism Light, promises the world and has no answer when asked where the money is coming from to pay for it all. Oh yes, there is an answer…they will tax you to the point where it’s not even worth going to work. They will pay you not to work. It’s true!

Larry Usoff
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