AOC: Numbers No One Is Paying Attention To, But Should

Written by Dan Perkins on March 15, 2019

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this rising star, has a minimal electoral base that no one is talking about. Clearly, to my mind, it is worth looking at the numbers to see how strong the congresswoman really is with the voters, and in turn the rest of the nation. Here are some numbers that the mainstream media has never reported, because it doesn’t fit their narrative.

The 14th Congressional District of New York has 678,000 registered voters. In the June 2018 primary, there were 471,490 registered Democrats; AOC won the Democratic primary with 15,000 votes or 3.18% of possible Democrats. In the midterm, the 14th had 678,000 registered voters, and AOC won 110,000 110,000 votes and the general election. She got 16.2% of the eligible voters to come out and vote for her, not an overwhelming majority. According to NPR, NPR the midterms nationally showed the highest voter turnout in 50 years with 47% of registered voters voting. AOC stirred interest in her district with about one-third of the percentage of the national turnout rate; hardly a groundswell.

Let's look at some questions with the answers? The state of New York has 27 seats in the Congress. How many are Democrat and how many are Republican? The answer is 21 Democrats and 6
Republicans. Did you know that all the house districts are supposed to have about the same number of people per representative? The house has 435 seats, so the representative equally represents the same number of people in the state population. Thus, any congressional district in California should be about the same size as the 14th in New York. Over the last 100 years, the total number of people per representative has grown from 220,000 as of the 1910 census to 717, 000 in the 2010 census. Based on today’s population of 328,000,000, the number of people per representative will increase to about 755,000.

The census counts people, not citizens, not registered voters. Harvard Yale recently reported that their estimate of the number of illegals in the country could be as high as 32 million, or nearly one in ten persons. Why is this important? The population count in 2020, for now, will count everyone, legal or illegal, unless a lower court ruling is overturned. If Harvard Yale is correct, then 32 million illegals could represent a swing of 42 seats. If the 32 million number is accurate, that would mean one in ten people in the United States is here illegally. Getting back to AOC, let’s look at some other facts.

Next question: if NYS has 27 districts, where did AOC rank in terms of total votes received? Since the general election is for all classes of voters, we will get an indication of her political strength by placing her in the order of all votes received. AOC came in 26th out of the 27 NY districts. Having garnered just over 110,000 110,000 she missed last place by only 9,000 votes.

Her rank in NY, in terms of the highest winning percentage, placed her at number 16. More than half of all Democrats elected had a higher percentage of the total vote.

What have we learned from this analysis of the election in the 14th district of New York? A total of 15,000 voters put her in the general election, and she convinced 110,000 voters out of 745,000 eligible to come out and vote for her.

The numbers do not justify the hype about her superstar status. Her ideas, while appealing to a small number of voters, will not fly, no pun intended, with American voters. Some might also say of her that keeping her mouth open is good for Republicans in 2020. The Leftists in America are so far left that they have left the vast majority of Americans behind on that ship to Europe or Hawaii.