Authorities Threaten To Take Teen Because Parents Won’t Let Him Get A SEX CHANGE

Written by K. Walker on March 21, 2019

Not affirming their son’s gender identity and supporting his transition was considered ’emotional abuse’ by the so-called ‘experts.’

In a horrifying case in the United Kingdom, the parents of an autistic teenage boy were threatened by the authorities to have their son placed in foster care if they didn’t support his medical transition to ‘change his gender.’ The family has asked to remain anonymous to protect the identity of the boy.

It appears that in this case, the school system and the National Health Service (NHS) seemed to be totally on board with supporting the child’s gender identity with complete disregard of the concerns of the parents.

The problems with the boy began in 2015 when he was struggling to cope with secondary school due to his autism and Asperger’s. He began to self-harm and his parents asked their doctor for a referral to the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services. During one visit, the boy suddenly said that he believed that he was female, even though his parents say that he had never mentioned this before. They were concerned that this was one of his autistic obsessions, but for the sake of their son, agreed that he be referred to the Leeds branch of the Tavistock, the only clinic for gender dysphoric individuals under the age of 18.

The parents say that the psychologists at the Tavistock were quite ‘vague’ in their approach and didn’t seem to ‘get to grips’ with the boy’s autism. They eventually became frustrated and banned him from returning to the clinic after their son, then approaching 15, was prescribed puberty-blockers which delays adolescence. The parents had read that the puberty-blocking drugs might not be reversible, and could have other concerning side effects.

Removing him from the clinic didn’t sit well with the administration at the boy’s school.

After the boy told the school he had been barred from treatment, a teacher told his parents that they should find alternative accommodation for their son or else he would be put into temporary foster care. And the school reported the couple to children’s services for being ‘emotionally abusive’ to their son by not supporting his wish to change gender.

The mother was concerned for her son and the impact that it would have on his future — including long-term effects on brain development, and the very real possibility of regretting the sex change once reaching adulthood. Despite what activists say, there is a movement of transgender individuals who are warning about early transition and have detransitioned themselves.

The mother said that the experience of being called emotional abusers for questioning the treatment prescribed by psychologists that disregarded the boy’s autism ‘broke’ the family.

She said: ‘I’m absolutely devastated. When I saw the report that social services wrote about us and saw the words “emotional abuse”, I just broke down.

‘All we were doing was trying to get him to pause and think about his actions. My biggest worry as a mum is my child gets pushed down this route, becomes a woman, goes through the surgery, then gets to 25 and says, “I’ve made a mistake.”’

…‘We had read that these blockers might not be reversible and there might be long-term effects for brain development,’ his mother said. So in 2017, the couple took the decision to remove their son from the care of the Tavistock.

After being removed from the clinic, the boy began to self-harm at school. Six months after ceasing to go to the Tavistock clinic, the school informed the boy’s parents that he would not be returning home and they were being reported to children’s services for not supporting his transition.

His mother said: ‘They were worried because he was coming out of lessons, going to the toilets, cutting himself and saying that Mum and Dad wouldn’t get on board with him wanting to be a girl.

‘The school and social workers took what our child said as gospel. But considering he has autism, his perception of social scenarios is seen through an autism lens.’

Although the family are back together, the boy’s mother is still angry about their treatment. She said: ‘I cannot bear the thought of other families going through what we’ve been through. It has been horrendous.’
Source: Daily Mail

That is utterly devastating.

Imagine, this couple was trying to help their child. They followed the prescribed path that the NHS had given them, and the only solution given by the ‘experts’ was for their son — with autism and Asperger’s — to become their daughter.

There has been a sharp rise in children identifying as transgender, and as many as one-third of the ones referred to the Tavistock clinic show signs of autism.

There is concern among parents and psychologists who treat children with autism that many children are being treated for gender dysphoria when the gender confusion they are experiencing may just be related to going through puberty as an autistic individual.

You can watch a brief clip about that here:
Gender Identity Disorder and Autism: Interview with Dr. Sally Powis (distinguishing gender identity)

There is also concern from parents in general that the rapid shift in society to affirm every case of gender identity despite the child’s history of not identifying as the opposite gender in the past. The medical community seems to be quick to suggest chemical and surgical transition treatments to children, sometimes after just one visit.

One website, 4th Wave Now, has shared concerns that gender dysphoria may have a ‘social contagion’ effect (in the same way that eating disorders can sometimes spread among friend groups,) especially among girls.

The sudden surge in ‘Rapid-Onset Gender Dysphoria’ (ROGD) as coined by Dr. Lisa Littman, Assistant Professor at Brown University, has been a concern for parents who are conderned about the sudden change in their children. Dr. Littman’s research into ROGD was condemned by transgender activists, but her research was recently republished with no changes to the conclusions. Quillette’s editor interviewed Dr. Littman about the controversy over her research.

We need to be free, as parents, to have difficult conversations about gender identity and the activism behind it.

We need to be able to raise questions about treatment without being labeled ‘transphobic.’

Parents should be able to question the decision to introduce pharmaceuticals to treat puberty — a natural, biological process — as a pathology.

And parents shouldn’t have to fear losing their child for wanting what is best for that child — what used to be called being good parents.

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