Hey Pelosi: Hamas Is Using Rockets And IEDs Against Jewish Civilians… Where’s Your Outrage?

Written by Wes Walker on March 31, 2019

When it was a Jewish Temple in Pittsburg, Democrats loudly denounced antisemitic violence. How about now?

If anyone is wondering why there is a ‘Jexodus’ movement (Jewish Exodus) OUT of the Democrat party, it isn’t hard to tell.

Democrats care very deeply about antisemitism — so long as they can lay that charge at someone else’s feet. (And nobody mentions their good buddy Louis Farrakhan.)

But ever since the Democrat’s Freshman class joined Congress, the dynamics have changed. Some of the three highest-profile women in the party are happy to say very politically incorrect things about Israel. Including repeating racist tropes.

And when they get called out for it, rather than apologize, they go on offence, pointing fingers at other people.

But when Pelosi tried to make a formal statement condemning antisemitism, the young upstarts yanked her leash and brought her to heel. — A shocking display of just how much sway these women have within their own party. Raucous Caucus: Pelosi Storms Out Of Closed-Door Meeting Over Omar’s Anti-Semitism

It has not gone unnoticed — even among elected Democrats.

There’s real trouble brewing in Israel right now.

Remember, for context, that while Democrats have been freely offensive to Jewish people, Trump and his policies have been described by Bibi in the most glowing of terms:

“And I’ve met many friends of Israel in this office. But as I said in the other room, just now, in a day of history, we have never had a greater friend than President Trump.” — White House

If this were another Temple in Pittsburgh, the reaction and denunciation would be swift and severe. But this is not Pittsburgh. This is Israel itself… do the Democrats still care?

A home was destroyed by Hamas rockets. Notice the crib among the wreckage:

Rockets were not the only form of attack they were willing to use:

What about the children?

Great question…

We’ve got Jewish children and Palestinian children in this story.

The little Jewish kid talking about what it’s like to head to the bomb shelter in his home…

And the eight-year-old kids sent across from Gaza into Israel with a knife…

Whatever you may think of the regional politics, Hamas has a very different idea of what ‘protests’ look like than the West does:

Here’s the reality of the situation — To Hamas, and Iran, these people in Gaza are nothing more than cannon fodder in a war they would love to provoke with Israel.

Israel has shown restraint, in part, because they do not want to be drawn into a proxy war like what Iran has orchestrated in other parts of the Middle East.

Remember, Iran has Hezbollah, a terror group that grew into a Billion-dollar a year criminal cartel while Obama was busy trying to kiss Iran’s ass. Obama Loves Our Enemies: Damning New 411 Emerges About Obama & Hezbollah That’ll Blow Your Socks Off

Politico reported that known terrorists could have been apprehended, but weren’t. That tons of drugs bound for America were not stopped. That a longstanding ‘Operation Cassandra’ could have seriously curtailed these operations, but Obama stopped them, lest it hurt his deal with Iran.

Now those trails have gone cold and the investigation has been disbanded. Hamas is an arms dealer with connections to Assad (supplier of chemical weapons), Madero and Putin, and they’ve got IEDs that they were ‘ripping M1 Abrams tanks in half’.

If you think the organizers and financiers behind these ‘protests’ have ‘peace’ as their final objective, you just haven’t been listening.

We already know what they want, they chant it all the time: Dear CNN: Racist Bigot Louis Farrakhan Leads Chant Of ‘Death To America’ In Iran — Is That News?

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