Judge Jeanine Gets SUSPENDED From Fox News For THIS Remark

Written by Wes Walker on March 18, 2019

The left’s pressure to ‘Roseanne’ their political enemies continues…

Judge Jeanine Pirro is in hot water for stating an unpopular opinion. Which means that an unelected opinion host has faced tougher sanctions for her views than the elected Ilhan Omar she was criticizing has for her repeated antisemitic statements.

The same networks that pride themselves on how vigorously they defend the First Amendment love to watch those they disagree with shut down for daring to speak ‘wrongthink’ opinions.

It was CNN’s own employees that lobbied for the shutting down of the relatively harmless internet whackjob Alex Jones.

First, Here’s the statement that got her in trouble.

“Omar wears the hijab, which according to the Quran 33:59, tells women to cover so they won’t get molested,” Pirro said during her “Opening Statement” segment on March 10. “Is her adherence to this Islamic doctrine indicative of her adherence to Sharia law, which in itself is antithetical to the United States Constitution?”

Source: USAToday

Here’s the reaction since:

Pirro’s remarks prompted several advertisers to leave her show, including drugmaker Novo Nordisk. “We respect each person’s right to express their thinking and beliefs, however, we are re-evaluating our advertising on this program at this time,” the company said in a statement to USA TODAY.

Later, Pirro issued an invitation to Omar to appear on her show and said she merely intended to “ask a question and start a debate.” She reassured the network and viewers that she knows that being a Muslim “does not mean you don’t support the Constitution.”
Source: USAToday

Fox then gave one of their Muslim employees the opportunity on another show to denounce what the judge had said.

The judge’s show was suspended from the rotation last weekend and another program ran in its place. No official announcement has yet been made about future programming.

The President even weighed in on Twitter:

Of course, doing THAT kicked a hornet’s nest… even though all the President was really doing was telling them not to cave in to the well-known bully tactics of guys like these.

By contrast, it is worth remembering that the elected Rep, Ilhan Omar (D-MN) wasn’t even demoted from any roles in the House over her racist statements… and she’s a repeat offender, just in the couple of months she’s been in office.

Ultimately, what was the real question Jeanine was asking?

She was asking the question that has been off-limits to so many to even wonder aloud. Sharia Law — which has some very specific political implications touching on the rights and freedoms of the individual, and not merely private religious implications — is often in direct conflict with the Western Values on which even Secular Americans hold general agreement. This includes women’s rights in a court of law, the practice of Female Genital Mutilation, whether homosexuality is a capital offense, and whether adulterers should be stoned to death… among others.

Questioning the loyalty of a group without any evidence is unfair. But is it STILL unfair if there are indicators that would make such a claim more plausible?

A few examples of the ‘indicators’ up for discussion:

Here in America

A mosque celebrated the assassination (by his own bodyguard) of a Christian elected official accused of ‘blasphemy’ on American soil: DEAR PATRIOTS: Should We Be MONITORING U.S. Mosques?

Watch: American Imam Preaches Violence — Should Trump Deport Him?

TOTAL BS: Judge DROPS Female Multilation Charges Against Muslim Doctor – Here’s His ‘Reason’

…Meanwhile, Next door in Canada:

News that brings Omar’s antisemitism and whether she belongs on a foreign affairs committee into the conversation: Warrant Issued For Imam Preaching ‘Death To Jews’ At Mosque — Is That News?

And elsewhere:

HEY, POLLYANNA: Check Out The WEAPONS Cache Just Confiscated At MOSQUE

Religion of Pieces: Imam Explains What Islam REALLY Says About The Treatment Of Unbelievers

Dear Feminists: Cleric Defines Which Women Can Be Raped – What Time’s Your Protest?

Even in such ‘open’ and ‘tolerant’ places as Europe, laws have changed to prevent the wearing of the full face coverings. But not just Europe — Major MUSLIM Country To BAN The Burqa – Cue The Nutter’s Rage In 3, 2 and 1!

Egypt can BAN the burka, but a political opinion show can’t even talk about the underlying ideas without getting their knuckles rapped?

In 1984, the people were controlled by having the acceptable range of language diminished, and certain ideas dropping out of the conversation as ‘wrongthink’.

Is creating a ‘sanitary’ environment where nobody’s feelings get hurt by uncomfortable questions REALLY in the overall best interest of the nation?

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