Leftward…Ever More Leftward!

Written by Larry Usoff on March 20, 2019

Is there anyone that doesn’t know that, in American politics, the “left” is the group that calls itself Democrat/Progressive/Socialist and other names that don’t readily come to mind? On the other side, is the group that calls itself Republican/Conservative… so we’re straight on that, right?

It doesn’t take a political pundit to observe the goings-on of the two different parties. Of late, the left seems to be hell-bent on destroying not only almost everything that Americans hold dear, but their own party as well. Based on my assumption that the lefty loonies of the generations that comprise the 18 to 40 group, know nothing because they have been taught nothing, it seems perfectly natural for them to espouse the nonsense they’ve been spewing. Many, many schools, from kindergarten through the college years have become more or less indoctrination centers, with the “teachers” presenting just one side of the educational coin. As I have been told, American History is not taught. Any form of civic education has been relegated to the trash heap, apparently. If these subjects are not being taught, how is one supposed to learn about them while progressing through the grades? The answer is: they’re not. The left prefers people that are just smart enough to do the work and not ask why or how it will affect the rest of the population.

As reported by Pamela Geller, there is a Dallas billboard company, Dallas Outfront Media, that seems to want to give more credence to the concept of honor killings among the Muslim population, than to allow a billboard, paid for by Geller, to offer help if girls were in danger of being murdered in that despicable manner. A Muslim taxi driver shot and killed his two daughters, in his taxi, and left them there… because the two girls were becoming too Westernized. The billboard that would have been put up would have saved those two girls, perhaps, and it would have had a telephone number where they and others like them, could have fled and been safe. One of the local TV stations attempted to assuage the local population by proclaiming that headlined “Respect – Honor – Strength. HIJAB. The Dress of Modesty.” Although I’ve read a lot about Islam, I’d never call myself an expert… but I did read that the hijab was not a requirement of the Qu’ran. Not a word, of course, about the many girls and women who have been threatened and even killed for not wearing the hijab. Many, and twisted, are the “laws” of Islam… and they are usually twisted in favor of men.

How many remember a young man named John Walker Lindh? It wouldn’t come as a surprise if you didn’t, so let’s refresh. He is an American who went to Afghanistan to fight, WITH the Taliban. He took a Muslim name, Abdul Hamid aka Abu Sulayman, and became a Taliban fighter. He was captured as an enemy combatant during the United States’ invasion of Afghanistan in November 2001. Just hours before his death, CIA agent and America hero Mike Spann interviewed this traitor. Not long after, Spann was killed when Muslim prisoners emerging from the fortress rushed the guards, throwing grenades and grabbing their captors’ rifles. The first American killed in Afghanistan, on November 25, 2001, was Spann and there are those who believe that Lindh killed Spann, but it was never proven. When Lindh was brought back to the United States and had his trial, everyone knew who he was… and hated him. Eighteen years have passed and the United States is under siege, lulled by political correctness that allows the enemy to dictate who we are, what we can and cannot say and who is the enemy. America was at war with the Taliban and he went over to the other side and, it is assumed that when he fought for the Taliban he probably killed Americans. That is a clear-cut case of treason, and the penalty for that crime was/is death. Lindh should have faced a firing squad or some other form of execution immediately after being found guilty.

Charles Duane Baker Jr.(aka Charlie) is the Republican Governor of Massachusetts and has recently visited Israel. He spoke about his experience visiting Yad Vashem in Jerusalem and walking through the timeline from the early 1900s through the Holocaust in a way that explained dramatically what led up to it and how it happened. He made the point that it was not a sudden thing at all, but rather, in his words, a “drip, drip, drip” over many years. That line is important, that little drip now and then that seems to grow into a flood. When the flood is upon us we wonder how in the world it got that way? What we fear we are now seeing here is the beginning, or perhaps even the continuation of that “drip, drip, drip.” It is not simply the rise in anti-Semitic incidents; it is not simply the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel materials that have been showing up in the public schools; it is not simply the BDS movement and their allies or the anti-Israel demonstrations or the United Nations. That is frightening. For many years in this country, particularly in the years following the Holocaust, what was a “given” is now being questioned, undermined and compromised by groups and elected officials at every level of government.

Parting shot: Wake up, America!

Larry Usoff
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