Occasional-Cortex NOT Happy Her $93 Trillion ‘Green New Deal’ Is Going To Vote Next Week

Written by Wes Walker on March 25, 2019

She wanted to be taken seriously… just not THIS seriously.

The Green New Deal has been a clown car from the moment it was announced. Just when you think the last ridiculous thing has climbed out of it, out comes something else.

It’s the gaffe that keeps on giving.

First, the Green New Deal itself is insane. It gave us less than twelve years to do away with fossil fuels, planes and cows. (Although those last two ‘might’ take longer to get rid of.)

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Everyone mocked the FAQs in her official launch. She claimed ‘sabotage’, until it became obvious that, nope, those were the real ideas. They were really HORRIBLE ideas, to be sure, but they were authentically hers.

That didn’t stop every Democratic 2020 candidate from tripping over themselves to endorse it.

And AOC, feeling cocky, made her ‘I’m the boss now, howbowdat’ statement.

Since so many of the Democrats were taking this super-seriously, the Republican Senate treated it like a serious resolution, promising to put it to a vote.

Oh, she’s worried about ‘wasting time’ now? Jobs aren’t for campaigning?

Did she happen to notice the BS games her party was playing during, say, the Kavanaugh hearings? Or how they slow-walked EVERY one of Trump’s appointments — including Ambassadors — to prevent his administration from governing? In fact, the entire first 2 years of the Democrats’ role in the Trump presidency is best defined by the words ‘wasting time’.

Nobody made her submit her half-baked Green New Deal. That was a vanity move on her part.

Now her GND is in play. Too bad, so sad.

Even UNIONS stand opposed to the Democrat’s proposal.

Maybe her half-baked plan wasn’t ready for the light of day.

Now it gets to die the death it so richly deserves… or bring her party down with it.

A new player has now taken the field, one that came ‘out of nowhere’. She cut her teeth working for Bernie 2016, and has picked up a trick or two about ‘community activism’.

Alexandria Occasio-Cortez (‘AOC)’ has a take-no-prisoners arrogance, a deep loathing for the history and institutions of America, the unflinching zealotry of a convert to a cause, and a rigid ignorance impervious to all logic.

Add to that mix her youth, her social media savvy, and the unswerving obedience of the Media(D)’s Partisan Press, and you have a wannabe American revolutionary with lofty goals every bit as transformative as Lenin, Castro, Che Guevera or Mao. And naturally, she’ll conveniently forget any of her objections to ‘dark money’ so long as it applies to any of her wealthy benefactors.

She’s the perfect delivery system for the Soros agenda… as depicted by Doug Giles’ latest piece in his MAGA series, Soros & His Dummy.

Visit his gallery to see his entire badass collection of nature art, historical figures and yes, of course, the other pieces in his MAGA series.

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