The Mueller WITCH Hunt Is OVER – Here’s 10 Things To Never Forget

Written by Wes Walker on March 23, 2019

It’s all over except the crying.

The long wait is over, and Mueller has finally submitted his final report.

What do we know so far?

Guy Benson from Townhall put together a great top ten list to get us started. Here’s a summary:

1) The Report’s Content is not yet public

2) Nobody interfered with the investigation

3) No new indictments

4) No evidence that Trump is directly or indirectly implicated

5) Criminal conspiracy is a crime, there is no crime called ‘collusion’. Nothing has pointed to the former.

6) AG Barr said he will be as transparent as ethics and law will permit with these documents

7) Too soon for either side to celebrate — yet. Many unknowns still to come.

8) If Mueller’s report exonerates Trump, Dems cannot be permitted to shift the goalposts.

9) Mueller managed not to remain surprisingly silent during this 2-year process.

10) Read item one again. And then read it again. There is much we don’t yet know, and can’t know.
Read the Full article at Townhall.

It’s a great list and worth considering.

We’ll add some ‘Clash-ified’ takeaways to the list. But first, let’s see how others have reacted…

Rachel Maddow‘s own words acknowledged that Trump and his surrogates have not interfered with the investigation.

It’s good to see she’s taking it so well.

She really sounds like someone just took her birthday away, doesn’t she?

How’s everyone else taking the news?

This writer hasn’t yet heard a peep out of Jeff Flake who blocked scores of judicial appointments (including some to the 9th Circuit) unless and until legislation was passed to block Trump from interfering from the Mueller investigation.

Not only did they lack any constitutional authority to pass laws infringing on Executive Powers, but those judges were needlessly blocked. As you can see, Trump didn’t need a gun to his head to keep him from ‘interfering’ in the Mueller case.

Truth be told, it’s the #Resistance Democrats and RINOs who are suddenly having a problem with the findings.

Adam Schiff — who once told us all that he had personally seen ‘more than circumstantial evidence that Trump associated colluded with Russia’ is looking really pathetic at this point. Is he slinking back under whichever rock he came out from?

Of course not. He’s front-and-center promising to ‘subpoena Mueller’ AND his evidence if necessary.

‘AND his evidence?’ Oh, really..? We’ll come back to that in a moment.

Schumer and Pelosi are also demanding the full release.

Stop for a moment and think about what it is they are demanding.

Democrats seem to be demanding that the Justice Department reveal derogatory information about Mueller’s witnesses even if they’re not charged with a crime.” — Politico

They think the public has some right to the full release of everything Mueller has dug up, not just the report, but the evidence he used to write it up.

That would include, don’t forget, all manner of confidential communications between Trump and his lawyer for which attorney-client privilege has already been violated by the State.

That would include millions of documents supplied willingly by the White House to comply with a criminal and/or intelligence investigation…

That would include any grand jury testimony which might include some combination of valid and invalid accusations against parties not present to defend themselves. Allegations which were not subject to cross-examination or even given with a judge present…

What are they really after?
Ultimately, the Democrats are REALLY demanding free oppo research be given to them courtesy of the government dime.

Mueller’s job was that of Prosecutor, to gather information sufficient to condemn or indict if it existed. The evidence was either sufficient for that purpose or it was not.

The Democrats want not just the reports, but also the unfiltered, untested allegations made against Trump and his associates.

Can you, in your wildest dreams, imagine Democrats making such demands if Mueller had been looking into Hillary?

Where were these same Democrats and their demands for transparency when Obama’s ‘Wingman’ was in contempt of Congress concerning the Fast and Furious investigation which was directly linked to the death of an American Law Enforcement Officer?

Last we checked, criminal prosecution is not the job of Congress. The powers of investigation and prosecution fall within the scope of the Executive Branch.

But the Democrats don’t like the idea of separation if it interferes with a witchhunt… it’s looking more and more that what they REALLY wanted was to be Trump’s judge, jury and executioner.

Which means if they don’t get the result they want with Mueller, they’ll just keep fishing. This from the same people who held Mueller up as the Gold Standard for so long, and insisted that we accept whatever findings he come up with.

Isn’t this exactly like what Hillary did when she accused Trump of being unwilling to accept the results of the election (remember her ‘smooth transition of power’ speech?) — and then spending the next couple of years refusing to accept the results when she herself lost?

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