TRUMP VS. ANN COULTER: Who’s Right And Who’s Wrong?

Written by Wes Walker on March 11, 2019

This is what happens when two masters of trolling collide on Twitter.

Among all of Trump’s supporters, Ann Coulter is perhaps the most interesting story. She’s almost the mirror image of the Glenn Beck story.

Instead of starting out vehemently opposed to him and gradually being persuaded that he’s the right man for the job, as Beck was, Coulter has been precisely the opposite.

She was among the very first supporters to confidently assert that Trump would, in fact, be President… that clip is usually near the very beginning of the 2016 election media meltdown mashups.

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She even wrote a book entitled “In Trump We Trust — E Pluribus Awesome!”

Oh, how the times have changed. Because he did not deliver on the wall — her number one issue — her support became contempt.

That contempt, and her public pronouncements against his leadership and legacy led to Trump calling her out in a tweet of his own:

As that old saying misattributed to Shakespeare goes, ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned’. His erstwhile booster has concluded Trump has failed her. Now she has leveled her rhetorical sights on the President and his policies. A sampling from her recent Twitter timeline:

And one of her reactions to his declaration of a State of Emergency to direct resources to wall-building could hardly be called friendly:

Photos like this have been claimed by both sides of the argument of proof that they are right about who’s really right between Trump and Ann.

What do YOU Think?

Is Ann unfairly blaming Trump for the failings of the uncooperative RINOs and obstructionists on both sides in Congress?

Is she rightly holding his feet to the fire?

Is Trump right to call her a wacky nut job?

Let us know where you stand.

The Trumpinator: every time his rivals think they’ve got him down and out, he stands back up and keeps on coming.

They laughed when Trump announced his candidacy. They thought of him like some kind of a circus act. They couldn’t have been more wrong.

He survived the primaries and got the nomination. He knocked out Crooked Hillary.

He beat CNN at their own game, and left their ratings circling the toilet.

Mueller and the Dossier aren’t just coming up empty, they’re exposing the misdeeds of Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Strzok and all the rest.

And Trump is still keeping promises, and getting things done.

The economy is doing exactly what he promised it would. #PromisesKept

And in 2020, The Trumpinator is gonna do it again.

He’ll be back.

Get a poster of The Trumpinator 2020 here.

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