Trump’s Numbers Continue to Rise Despite Attacks, Here’s Why

Written by Bill Thomas on March 5, 2019

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll published on March 4, 2019 put President Trump's approval rating at 46% among registered voters. A Rasmussen poll released March 3, 2019 has it at 47% among likely voters.

These numbers are some of the highest of the president’s first two years and are a cause of angst among the president’s haters. Elitist pundits and commentators attempt to swat away this news as if it were an annoying fly. William Cummings, in USA Today on March 4, 2019 acknowledges the president’s rising numbers but attempts to assuage his liberal readers almost immediately by noting, “Despite that improvement, the numbers still indicate the president is vulnerable heading into the 2020 election.”

Newsweek, CNN, and NBC all concur that the rising approval numbers mean nothing. It’s as if you can hear the wizard’s voice, from The Wizard of Oz saying, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.”

The poll numbers are rising despite the ridiculous spectacle of the Cohen hearing, the baseless and endless investigations initiated by the disingenuous duo: Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), and the constant whining and lying of the Democrat propaganda machine known as the Media.

How can President Trump’s numbers rise against this incessant storm of negativity? It’s not hard to see.

First, people know things are better because they, themselves, are doing better. The unemployment number fell to 5.6% in February of this year. More people have jobs than before.

Not only is there success on the jobs and economic front. People feel better about America. A Gallup poll reported on February 25, 2019, “Fifty-eight percent of Americans believe the U.S. rates very or somewhat favorably in the world's eyes. Though the current figure is up just slightly from the 55% recorded last year, it represents the highest figure Gallup has found since 2003.” Respect is being restored in the eyes of the world as America’s stature is renewed.

Many people are also seeing through the fog of lies and hate. They only have to listen to the verbal garbage that is spewed out nightly on newscasts. It is all an attempt to bring down a duly elected president.

The line of attack started with collusion with Russia. The Mueller report was going to bring down the president. Now it looks like the Mueller report may not do that, so the hate-filled Democrats and elites are on to obstruction. If that doesn’t pan out, maybe the southern district of New York can do something. If that fails, maybe something in his finances and on and on and on.

The American people get it. The Democrats and the elites want to fix an election that, in their minds, went wrong. What they don’t get is that people hate condescension, hypocrisy and elitism. The more they pontificate and lecture, the more President Trump’s numbers will rise.

In addition to this, the reprehensible conduct of some of the Democrats’ new stars has fueled the president’s ascent.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has stirred controversy. She is “the boss” of the controversial New Green Deal and then in a closed-door meeting of House Democrats, Ocasio-Cortez warned colleagues that if they continued to vote with Republicans on procedural motions in the chamber they could wind up "on a list" of incumbents ripe for a liberal primary challenge. It is being reported on March 5, 2019 that she and Saikat Chakrabarti, her multimillionaire chief of staff, may have violated campaign finance law by funneling nearly $1 million in contributions from political action committees Chakrabarti established to private companies that he also controlled, according to a complaint filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) have trafficked in blatant anti-Semitism.
Multiple tweets and comments at town halls have revealed a bias against Jews and Israel and it has become so intense that even some Democrats have angrily responded. House Foreign Affairs
Committee Chairman Eliot Engel (D-NY), who is Jewish, called Tlaib’s words at a town hall gathering, "a vile anti-Semitic slur” and House Democrats are considering a vote on a new resolution condemning anti-Semitism in response to recent comments by Rep. Omar.

Democrat infighting indicates that all is not well in Nancy’s kingdom. The American people recognize corruption, hate and prejudice when they see it and they reject it. The more that Nancy’s kids misbehave, the higher the President’s numbers will rise.

In a cauldron of negativity, a president continues to win. Though the pundits and elites wake up
every day in the hopes of bringing him down, he remains. They’ve already decided he can’t win in 2020. Truth is, though, they may not have 20/20 vision. Don’t count Trump out. He continues to rise in the eyes of many Americans.

Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas lives in Washington, Missouri and is a professor at St. Louis Christian College. He's also on staff at First Christian Church in Washington, Missouri. He's authored two novellas, From the Ashes and The Sixty-First Minute published by White Feather Press of MI and three Bible studies, Surrounded by Grace, The Critical Questions and More and The Road to Victory published by CSS Publishing of OH.