WATCH: Psycho ‘Instagram Model’ STOMPS On Tiny Dog – What Should Be Her PUNISHMENT?

Published on March 30, 2019

Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be famous.

Stomping the living hell out of a tiny puppy in an elevator where you think nobody is looking is bad enough. If she were some ‘nobody’ people might write it off as some trashy low-life with a screw loose and no moral grounding.

But when that person is an ‘Instagram model’, like 24-year old Keevonna C’Ante Wilson, and presumably ‘has it together’ in life, it makes the viciousness of such an attack all the more heinous.

Is she such an entitled brat that she thinks it’s perfectly fine for ‘someone like her’ to curb-stomp a puppy?

Who (or what) else does she treat with such cruelty?

Here’s the video — if you think you can stomach it.

Police allege that Keevonna C’Ante Wilson, 24, attacked the dog late last month in Aventura, a city 20 miles north of Miami.

The September 20 incident was recorded by a surveillance camera inside an elevator at the luxury Artech condominium, according to a police report. Investigators subsequently identified Wilson (seen at right) as the alleged abuser and arrested her last Tuesday.

Building security officials happened upon the footage of Wilson stomping on Chasity while reviewing surveillance tapes after receiving a report about a dog defecating in the elevator.

The puppy–a Shih Tzu-Yorkie mix named Chasity–was removed from Wilson’s custody by Miami-Dade Animal Services, which provided medical care to the canine. While no visible injuries were detected on the animal, cops noted that, “the dog winced a few times when being held.”
Source: Smoking Gun

She’s had her day in court now. What consequence did she get?

She took a deal, paid $600 in fines and has four years of probation.

While studies are still establishing how strong the link is, we do know that violence toward animals is thought to be linked to other antisocial and violent and otherwise criminal behavior.

The first type, are those whom are unaware of the needs of the animal or whom are mentally unfit to care for animals. Secondly, are the abusers that lose control or bow to peer pressure – like kick the cat down the stairs in a fit of rage or throw rocks at a bird because the other kids are doing it.

The pathological abuser is the worst type of all. These people hurt animals because it gives them a sense of power or release of rage. This behavior typically requires psychological help.
Source: GetLeashed

What would reasonable justice look like in her case, if you were the judge had had legal latitude to get creative? What would send the message home to her — and anyone else who thinks violence against animals is A-ok?

Prison? Community service?

Hand-delivering a single dollar bill to an animal shelter every weekday for the next fifteen years?

Maybe you’ve got a better answer. And don’t take the easy way out by going straight to reciprocal violence.

Our readers have enough creativity and intelligence that we can be far more interesting than that.

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