WATCH: Student Fish Slaps Beto With An EPIC Question – Good Job Mom & Dad!

Written by Wes Walker on March 20, 2019

This ‘kid’ just isn’t buying what Beto’s slinging… and just might be the only real adult in the room.

A Penn State University student grilled Beto on campaign finance and his lack of policy positions saying that she was tired of hearing ‘just platitudes and stories.’

She’s basically doing the jobs reporters refuse to do. We don’t even know if she’s a conservative who rejects his ideas, or a Democrat who prefers a different candidate. All we know for certain is that she’s got a better handle on the facts than any of the fangirling ‘professional pundits’ from CNN and MSNBC combined.

Here’s the transcript:

STUDENT: So, my question has to deal with campaign finance. You recently pulled in $6.1 million dollars. [unintelligible] You broke all records, which I guess is pretty good. But, my concern is how much of that is coming from a process that’s called bundling. For those of you who don’t know, bundling is a process in which political activists and people in the private sector and lobbyists go to wealthy multi-millionaires and billionaires and basically tell them to give the maximum, which is normally anywhere from $2,700 to $5,600, and basically use it to sort of overinflate a campaigner’s, you know, their first day totals. For example, just one thousand people giving $5,000 — the maximum $5,600 that’s $5.6 million right off the bat. Your campaign has not released the number of individual donors you have, nor has it released the average donation. Now, I’m not accusing you of that, but the fact that your campaign is currently working with notorious mega-bundler Louis Sussman gives me a bit of a clue.

In addition, when we look on your website, we don’t really see anything in terms of a solid platform or policies — it’s mostly just platitudes and a merch store. So, two-pronged question, I guess — One, are you going to release the number of individual donors and their average donor donation? Because I know your campaign has that data and if you didn’t you’d be running a pretty incompetent campaign and I don’t think you are. You seem like you have yourself together, mostly. And two, when am I going to get an actual policy from you instead of just platitudes and stories?

O’ROURKE: So the answer to your first question is, yes, in addition to how much we raised, the fact that we raised from all 50 states, the fact we took not a dime from a single PAC or lobbyist, we will release the average and the number of donors. Your second question about policy, I’m going to try to be as specific as I can. I mentioned our criminal justice system. I’ve called for the end of the prohibition on marijuana and the expungement of the arrest records of everyone who’s been arrested for marijuana. We talked about healthcare, universal guaranteed, high-quality healthcare. To extraordinary women in which I’ve served in Congress, Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, Rosa Delauro of Connecticut, have introduced a proposal called Medicare for America, that ensures that if you have employer-based insurance, and you like it, you keep it, your doctors, your network, what works for you right now. If you don’t have insurance or you don’t like the insurance you already have, you enroll in Medicare. It costs a lot of money, it would be measured in the trillions of dollars. It is not inexpensive, as I made the point [unintelligible] earlier, it is a lot less expensive than taking care of people at the end of life that had never been treated in the first place.

Beto did the two things he always does when he gets a question he doesn’t like.

He danced around it…

And he threw a word salad of platitudes at her while pretending the whole sordid incident never happened.

Much like what he did when asked a very direct and probing question about his support for medically unnecessary ‘Third Trimester Abortions’.

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