WATCH: Tucker Fights Back, ‘I Will NEVER Bow To The Outrage Mob’

Written by Wes Walker on March 12, 2019

There is a right and wrong way to respond to a dishonest political smear. THIS is the RIGHT way.

Far too often the political right has trembled in fear at the power of the press to destroy a reputation or even a career. Whenever a threat was leveled against them, the default response was appeasement. Apologize, deny, make amends — anything to avoid being cast as the villain in their storyline.

The two Presidencies before Trump stood as a testament to just how well that strategy worked out for us. The hit pieces still kept coming.

Bush was a ‘war criminal’ until he was a convenient tool in the Anti-Trump Resistance.

McCain — who was elevated to the status of Secular Saint by the last year of his life because he was a useful tool to bludgeon Trump with — was dog piled by the media when he ran for President against the Light Bringer.

And Romney — the boy scout — was painted as a misogynist because he happened to be a businessman ‘binders full’ of the HR details of employees or applicants who might be a good fit for advancement. “Binders Full of women”. He was also coming to throw Grandma off a cliff notwithstanding the State health care plan he had created.

Of course, now that Romney has paid his 30 pieces of silver and publicly denounced Trump, all is once again forgiven.

But there’s a new Sheriff in town, and Trump has led the way to a NEW relationship with the media. One that hits back instead of bending over.

And Tucker Carlson is doing exactly the same thing.

When the Left’s Media smear machine Media Matters (who has put in print their plan to silence and destroy their political rivals on the Right by any means necessary) sent their lackeys digging into Tucker’s past looking for something to destroy him, they thought they’d struck gold when they came out with a radio interview from more than a decade ago: The Left’s NEW Attempt To Take Down Tucker Carlson Is Full Throttle DESPERATION

Tucker isn’t playing their little games.

He knows the ‘right’ response that the media has conditioned the political Right to abide by. But he’s not interested in kissing the ring and issuing some kind of a groveling Mea Culpa.

“No matter what they take from you in the end, you must continue to pretend that these things are true: You are bad. They are good. The system is on the level,” he suggested.

“But what if we stopped pretending for a minute? What if we acknowledged what’s actually going on?” Carlson asked. The Left is “deadly serious,” he noted. “They plan to win it, whatever it takes. If that includes getting you fired, or silencing you, or threatening your family at home, or throwing you in prison, ok, they know what their goal is. If you’re in the way, they will crush you.”

“The left’s main goal, in case you haven’t noticed, is controlling what you think,” the host explained further. “In order to do that, they have to control the information that you receive. Google and Facebook and Twitter are fully on board with that. They’re happy to ban unapproved thoughts and they don’t apologize for it. They often do. So do the other cable channels, and virtually every major news outlet in this country.”
Source: DailyWire

He defends Fox as rare in that it’s not in ideological lockstep with the traditional thinking of all the other big news rivals, before concluding his monologue.

For now, just two points to leave you with. First, FOX News is behind us, as they have been since the very first day. Toughness is a rare quality in a TV network, and we are grateful for that. Second, we’ve always apologized when we’re wrong, and will continue to do that. That’s what decent people do. They apologize. But we will never bow to the mob. Ever. No matter what.
Source: DailyWire

As you might expect from a site with Clash built right into our name, we wholeheartedly approve of Tucker telling them all to pound sand.

Here’s hoping some of the other political geldings out there will retrieve their stones from whatever lockbox they’ve been dropped into and join him in telling these gotcha artists they’re no longer willing to be held hostage and play by their rules.

No more playing defense. Let’s call them out as the fascists they are.

They know they can’t compete with Tucker’s ratings, so they’re trying to bully his sponsors to abandon him instead.

They outrage bullies are abject cowards sniping from the shadows — and should be treated as such.

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