Facebook Now Wants INSIDE Your Head – No, This Isn’t Satire

Written by Wes Walker on March 12, 2019

Just in case Facebook wasn’t already creepy enough about how they use your personal details… they’ve just doubled down.

Think about the security breaches and misuse of information Big Tech has ALREADY had to apologize for, and how they’re now complying with the content rules of despotic governments like China and Pakistan. (Even non-citizens are getting alerts of how they’ve somehow “violated” Pakistan’s blasphemy rules on social media.)

And Facebook — in particular — has a real PR problem with security and giving away user information.

So, how are they going to solve this problem? By getting even MORE intrusive into your private life. (Is there any wonder team ClashDaily has moved to MeWe where users have privacy rights and our data is NOT for sale?)

In a 2-hour conversation at Harvard, he tried to downplay the content-control concerns with a ‘Supreme Court’ within Facebook to decide what content is and isn’t permitted. One that he can’t overrule.

We’ll see how well that plays out in light of the lawsuit they are expected to face in response to the whistleblower proving that they were ‘Deboosting’ conservative sites.

All was going to plan. Zuckerberg had displayed a welcome humility about himself and his company. And then he described what really excited him about the future—and the familiar Silicon Valley hubris had returned. There was this promising new technology, he explained, a brain-computer interface, which Facebook has been researching.

The idea is to allow people to use their thoughts to navigate intuitively through augmented reality—the neuro-driven version of the world recently described by Kevin Kelly in these pages. No typing—no speaking, even—to distract you or slow you down as you interact with digital additions to the landscape: driving instructions superimposed over the freeway, short biographies floating next to attendees of a conference, 3D models of furniture you can move around your apartment.

The Harvard audience was a little taken aback by the conversation’s turn, and Zittrain made a law-professor joke about the constitutional right to remain silent in light of a technology that allows eavesdropping on thoughts. “Fifth amendment implications are staggering,” he said to laughter. Even this gentle pushback was met with the tried-and-true defense of big tech companies when criticized for trampling users’ privacy—users’ consent. “Presumably,” Zuckerberg said, “this would be something that someone would choose to use as a product.”

…The technology that Zuckerberg described is a shower-cap-looking device that surrounds a brain and discovers connections between particular thoughts and particular blood flows or brain activity, presumably to assist the glasses or headsets manufactured by Oculus VR, which is part of Facebook. Already, Zuckerberg said, researchers can distinguish when a person is thinking of a giraffe or an elephant based on neural activity. Typing with your mind would work off of the same principles.
Source: Wired

Did you catch the part about how they can ALREADY tell the difference between when someone is thinking about a giraffe or an elephant based solely on neural activity?

What happens if they find out how to map far more … personal thoughts? Especially the embarrassing or politically dangerous ones!

What about the thoughts of people who know privileged information, like a lawyer, a shrink or a priest?

Zuckerberg has got a vision of a VERY integrated world where everyone and everything will be able to see each other digitally. It’s a vision we find… unsettling.

It hadn’t even occurred to him (or so he claimed) that there would be ‘Fifth Amendment Implications’ about tech that could potentially peer into your very thoughts.

Can you even IMAGINE how excited someone like China would be to get their hands on such an ability? Then again, maybe that’s been the objective all along.

After all, we’ve already seen how ‘trustworthy’ Zuckerberg’s company is with personal information, haven’t we?

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