AG BARR: Trump Was SPIED On By Obama And His Boys

Written by Wes Walker on April 11, 2019

The AG calmly states what’s obvious to the rest of us. Now the Left’s wigging out.

We’ve had two looooong years of now-discredited accusations — presented as fact — that Trump and his administration were somehow tainted by Putin.

The Left, the media, and even some NeverTrump Republican patsies (looking at you Flake and Corker!) kept the collusion delusion alive for two years. They even went so far as trying to invent powers they did not possess Constitutionally, placing limits on Trump’s ability to exercise Article II oversight over his subordinates.

And in the end, Mueller STILL came up empty. Zero evidence of Russian collusion. (The Bars in D.C. must have been doing brisk business that week.)

But there are still some questions that need answering. The little issue that Trump’s campaign was being spied on. He got some questions about just what he’s doing looking into this issue.

BARR: “I think spying on a political campaign is a big deal. It’s a big deal.”

Sen Jeanne Shaheen (D) New Hampshire: “You’re not suggesting, though that spying occurred…?”

BARR: “Yes, I think spying DID occur.”

Watch AG Barr answer pretty darned clearly and then CNN try to spin it:

Barr has not said that he yet has a reason to assume the illicit motives of the spying on the Trump campaign. But he has an obligation to look into the predicate for the spying, to make sure it was done for legitmate reasons. Because if it was weaponized for political reasons

Pelosi is already in damage control mode, trying to discredit a public official that might bring news she doesn’t like.

Pelosi said during her news conference, however, that she isn’t confident that Barr will conduct his review appropriately.
Asked specifically if she had confidence that Barr would conduct his investigation in an appropriate way, Pelosi simply answered: “No.”
Pelosi said she had confidence in the intelligence she’s been given about the origins of the Russia probe but could not confirm or deny what she’s been told as a member of the gang of eight, a shorthanded reference to the top leaders and intelligence chairs from both parties and congressional chambers.
Source: CNN

This could get interesting, since it the breadcrumbs of this case may just lead back to the Oval Office itself…

How poetic would the justice be if it turns out a malicious act for political gain boomeranged against the people trying to destroy Team Trump… and landed them in legal jeopardy instead?

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