BOOM: Dad Of 9/11 Fireman Killed During Attack Just FISH SLAPPED Omar-The-Gaffemeister

Written by Wes Walker on April 19, 2019

James Riches has a very particular and poignant perspective about one of the darkest days in US history. Not only is he a firefighter, but his son was among the NYFD who heroically perished while trying to save the lives of others.

He took Ilhan Omar’s offhand remarks about 9/11 very personally.

Those were the remarks where she defended CAIR by pretending that an organization founded in 1994 (and called by the FBI an ‘unindicted co-conspirator with the terrorist group Hamas).

[T]he public “outing” of CAIR as an unindicted co-conspirator fundamentally undercuts their [sic] central mission to protect Muslim-Americans’ civil rights and foster an atmosphere of acceptance of Muslims in American society. Any message that CAIR tries to deliver to the American public, will be undercut by the insinuation that they are a criminal terrorist organization. The American public and the media which CAIR uses to deliver its message will no longer believe in the veracity of such message because CAIR will be perceived as a terrorist front organization. — Source: National Review

She claimed THIS group was created as a ‘response’ to some people doing some thing on 9/11 which, in turn, caused problems for Muslim people turning them into victims and robbing them of their civil rights. ‘Omar The Extreme’ Accuses Trump Of Extremism – Isn’t She A Peach?

To her, the real victims of 9/11, you might almost think, were the Muslims who — somewhere down the road — may have felt some kind of cultural pushback from people who watched 3000 fellow citizens die on national television. Who saw people halfway around the world dancing in celebration while Americans (and their friends) clutched one another in grief.

His son was one of the NYFD who raced toward the building everyone was desperately trying to escape… and the still-grieving father had something to say to her.

A video from five years ago shares his son’s story:

Here is a portion of the oped he wrote to the NYP in response: (read his full letter, here)

When I got there, I saw the death and destruction — people lying there dead and mangled.

We picked up the bodies and saw how gruesome it was. Those people died a horrible death.

We were there for 9 months picking up body parts, pieces.

We found my son’s body six months later, March 5, 2002. He was at the North Tower. We got to bury him.

People talk about closure, but that’s not closure. I’ll never get closure until my son walks through that door again.

It was the worst day for me, to lose my son and all those other people. They went to work that day to help people and they ended up murdered.

My son died doing his job, helping others in distress. The American public said NEVER FORGET 9/11!

Now, we have people who were working down there getting sick and dying. It hasn’t ended.

I think Omar owes an apology to America. She owes an apology to the families. Maybe she should talk to some of them — maybe they could open her eyes.

There’s still 1,000 bodies that have never been recovered. It’s very sad that she could make such light of it.

She came here from Somalia. She was educated here. We took care of her. And now she’s saying 911 was nothing?

Until the time that you realize the importance of 9/11 as the worst day in American history, I call for your removal from Congress.

That was his oped. He wasn’t done yet.

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