BOOM: Isaiah Washington Merges With #WalkAway – Cue The Liberal Rage In 3, 2 and 1!

Written by Wes Walker on April 30, 2019

We thought we saw this coming together the last time we reported on Mr. Washington… and now it’s official!

You may remember when Isaiah Washington made some heads explode by saying nice things about the President about a month ago. (How DARE He!) — BOOM! Black Actor BLASTS Obama And PRAISES Trump

You could hardly call him a ‘rock-ribbed’ Conservative, but, then again, the same could be said of many Reagan supporters back in the day.

He liked Trump’s prison reform and fish-slapped Obama over maintaining the status quo.

Washington has #WalkedAway.

It would be one thing to ‘switch teams’ privately, and switch your own vote. It’s quite another to join a movement calling others to do the same.

He isn’t sitting on the sidelines.

He has joined the Walkaway movement, whose news events ClashDaily has occasionally covered elsewhere. (And here’s when he got banned on social media.)

Going further, Washington noted that part of the reason he supports the #WalkAway movement is because it has allowed people to step out from under the shadow of their biases, and speak with one another:

I joined #WalkAway to support those who are just doing everything they can to stand on their own and say, “I don’t think this way.” I’m not trying to play that political game.

Yeah, I may have biases, I may not understand, but I’m willing to have a dialogue.

I’m not saying I’m leaving the Green Party and walking away to the Republican Party, but you know what? Just like Brandon and I, and everyone else, I’m willing to have a town hall and I’m willing to have a dialogue that is not filled with nonsense that I think all of us are tired of, and even more tired of being used and exploited to pit our differences against one another.

Although Washington touched on numerous topics during our interview, something that really stood out was his willingness to appreciate President Trump’s role in the “First Step Act,” as well as his mentioning a moment when the president took the time to recognize the formerly incarcerated:

I have to remain authentic and salute Trump for what I saw in the East Room that day, when he stepped away from the TelePrompTer and didn’t use the formerly incarcerated people that were lined up behind him as mere effigies, as mere statues of humanity, voiceless.

I was blown away, I think, at the moment he decided to look over his shoulder, break rank, break from the TelePrompTer, and allow these human beings to have and share his platform after everything I thought I knew about this man. It was at that point that I felt okay to give him a thumbs up because there was something that I personally saw, it was something that I personally felt, and there was something that I could compare personally to the first conversation I had with Senator Barack Obama and the promises and the assurances that he made to me about bridging the gap in Africa, which is exactly what I did based on his recommendation.
Source: Frank Camp, DailyWire

Isn’t that all we’ve ever really asked for — that we be treated as individuals with our own collections of interests, objectives, desires and even agendas — rather than blocks of people to be manipulated for political objectives?

If we start being honest enough to treat people that way again, maybe we can get past the partisan rancor and have meaningful political discourse.

That’s what the WalkAway Townhall is hoping to accomplish, anyway.

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