Buttigieg Just Slammed Trump And Pence’s Christianity Which Is Really Weird Considering…

Written by Wes Walker on April 4, 2019

‘Mayor Pete’ might want to think long and hard before playing this *particular* card…
But the way he’s framed it will still probably dupe the credulous left.

Pete Buttigieg — it’s pronounced “Buddha-Judge”, more or less — is taking issue with the Christian belief of Donald Trump and … Mike Pence?

Yes, you read that correctly. The mayor of South Bend, who’s got himself a husband, thinks the right play in criticizing the President and his Veep is to question the authenticity of their Christianity.

Of course, it begins to make sense when you realize he’s working from the left’s ‘Hippie Jesus’ version of Christianity.

Buttigieg said in response that “the idea that God wants somebody like Mike Pence to be the cheerleader for a president largely known for his association with hush money to adult-film actresses seems to me to give God very little credit.”

During the pair’s discussion on religious faith and public life, which was released on Tuesday, Buttigieg also took aim at Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which Pence signed into law in 2015, when he was governor of the state.

Buttigieg said he viewed the legislation, which allows businesses in Indiana to cite their religious freedom as a defense in lawsuits, as a “license to harm others in the name of religion.”

“It was to me a trashing not just of our sense of freedom and our sense of rights, but also, in some way, a trashing of religion,” he continued. “Like is this really the biggest thing we should be doing to accommodate religion right now? Making it easier to harm people in its name?”
Source: The Hill

For one thing, the criticisms that have Mayor Pete’s knickers in a twist relate to allegations of infidelity that are over a decade old.

If you have something more recent to bring up, let us know, but when last we checked, the entire point of the Christian faith was that we all meet Christ as sinners, repent of our past, learn from it and walk away from our sins.

But never mind any of that, Pete. Go ahead and make that point of yours. You’re basically saying it would be far more compassionate to bankrupt people for not goose-stepping with everyone who demands someone bake a cake in violation of their personal conscience. Far more ‘compassionate’ to have the CEO of a Mozilla have his career destroyed because he was ‘outed’ for putting money behind the ‘wrong’ side of a political cause.

Next, you might tell us that there isn’t a concerted attempt to target, demonize and destroy Chick-fil-a for the ridiculous reason that one of the founders — of a company that doesn’t even OPEN ON SUNDAYS! — once said in an obscure interview that he supports traditional marriage (oh, and that those monsters donate money to the Sally Ann. Nope. You’ve got Pence there. There has been no effort to weaponize this issue against people with Religious convictions.

It’s clearly religious people who are lurking around corners for an opportunity to terrorize homosexuals. You can tell just how maligned and ostracized they are by how few people attend the Pride parades… and by how the media didn’t even care when Smollett first claimed to have been attacked by MAGA bros.

Let’s all just pretend that the NYT didn’t run a cartoon portraying Trump as Putin’s gay lover, shall we?

No, we’re getting lectured about how Trump and Pence have lost the plot concerning Christianity. We’re getting the same old retread arguments we’re all used to by now:

How come they’re talking so much about abortion and homosexuality anyway? Jesus didn’t really talk about those things, did he? Jesus was more of a proto-socialist in this candidate’s mind.

A couple of windows into his thinking about…


“And so the idea that this of all things is what people are attacking each other over and excluding each other over, when God is love, we are taught,” he continued. “Of all the things to beat people up over on theological grounds, it just seems to me that loving shouldn’t be one of them. So it’s a painful thing to watch.” — Source: The Hill

Democrats’ Religious values:

“I think it’s unfortunate [the Democratic Party] has lost touch with a religious tradition that I think can help explain and relate our values,” the Navy veteran said. “At least in my interpretation, it helps to root [in religion] a lot of what it is we do believe in when it comes to protecting the sick and the stranger and the poor, as well as skepticism of the wealthy and the powerful and the established.” Source: Mediaite

Criticism of Trump and Pence:

“I just don’t understand how you can be as worshipful of your own self as he is and be prepared to humble yourself before God. I’ve never seen him humble himself before anyone. And the exaltation of yourself, especially a self that’s about wealth and power, could not be more at odds with at least my understanding of the teachings of the Christian faith,” he added.
Source: Mediaite

There’s too much in there to wade through everything he gets wrong. But here’s the too-long-didn’t read version.

The same God who wrote the 10 Commandments (including Don’t steal, don’t kill, and don’t have illicit sex) made it pretty clear in his Book what he thought about such things. Someone who’s had an abortion, has illicit sex, or loves when marxist policies do ‘good work’ on your behalf so that your need not actually help or look at anyone needy yourself can still be redeemed…

(See Paul’s use of ‘such were some of you’ in 1 Cor 6:11)

… but the entry requirement of Christian belief is repentance from sin not the defence of it (as seen in the very same passage).

As for the ‘worshipful of your own self’ … that’s a dangerous card for him to play. After all, Trump isn’t the one trying to rewrite the Ten Commandments to suit his own understandings of sex, marriage — or pregnancy.

Somebody get Mayor Pete a Bible, and a copy of Doug’s book… quick!

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