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Campus Police Chief Disciplined For ‘Liking’ Conservative Tweets?

Worse still, why is the guy actually apologizing for it? Never assume the crocodile will ‘eat you last’, just because you try to appease it.

This is precisely the craven response that emboldens these temper-tyrants into making more and more unreasonable demands. It’s too bad, too. It looks like he has some solid experience under his belt.

Looking at an interview he posted to his LinkedIn profile, he seems like a pretty ordinary guy. Nothing ‘scary’ at all. Certainly no reason to demand his head on a plate. (Don’t worry, they went looking elsewhere until they could dig up some ‘dirt’ on him.) Here’s the LinkedIn video. Pretty tame stuff, eh?

Letting temper-tyrants make demands of a school is a very, very bad precedent to set. Did we all learn nothing from Mizzou or from the events in Evergreen where armed students actually held people hostage?

The children enrolling into the school are demanding to dictate terms and control the adults. That’s not how this is supposed to work. You apply to school and hope to be accepted because the school has something to offer that you think you need for your education.

What kind of arrogance does it take for students to dictate terms to the faculty tasked with teaching the courses they are paying to enroll in? But this is 2019, where all the old rules have gone out the window. How far have things gone?

In Mount Holyoke College, the newly-selected Campus Police Chief, Daniel Hect, had perpetually aggrieved students sift through his social media account to see if he was ‘woke’ enough to be allowed in their school… as though that’s any of their damn business.

Looking through his tweets almost immediately after Hect shared the good news of his appointment, some activist Orwellian drones found evidence of wrongthink. So they did their own homage to Orwell’s Two Minutes of Hate.

…students investigated his Twitter account, finding a few conservative-leaning tweets that he “liked.” Two tweets were from the National Rifle Association, one wishing followers a Merry Christmas and one stating, “If guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” Other tweets were from President Trump discussing the border wall and the government shutdown.

The MHC student who shared screenshots of the tweet said it was “unacceptable for someone in charge of keeping any community safe, let alone a campus as diverse as MHC’s, to be publicly displaying his support for hateful regimes and organizations, as well as for individuals who demonize migrants from Mexico or other latin american nations.”
Source: DailyWire

The school tried to have some events to ease student’s worries. That didn’t help any. The Student Paper gives details:

As mentioned multiple times throughout the night, Hect plans to consider the campus sense of community a priority in his new position. “The police presence on campus will change quite a bit,” said Hect. “[We plan to] focus on community engagement [and students] getting to know the campus police as human beings.”

Most of the night’s questions, however, circled back to what the new chief’s social media history revealed about his apparent political alignment. Conversation centered around Hect’s political ideology, with particular emphasis given to the topics of immigration reform, police brutality and his personal opinions on Trump and the NRA.

Um… how is this even relevant? Has there been some kind of a rash of campus cops beating students senseless that has escaped national attention?

The possibility of a Trump-supporting chief of police was one of the many factors that drew Rachel Wood ’22 to attend Thursday’s forum. Wood considers “the type of personality in charge of [campus] police” to be critical to student wellbeing. “I’m not always super trusting of police in general,” said Wood. “But [I’m] especially [wary of] someone I’d heard might be a Trump supporter.”
Source: MountHolyokeNews

As for their verdict of ‘wrongthink’, he hasn’t sufficiently bought into this week’s definition of racism.

A common theme shared by many student questions was a suspicion that Hect’s conception of racism may be misled or incomplete. “You seem to understand racism as a result of individual bad people,” said one student. “Racism is systemic. It is perpetuated by individuals, but it’s not the result of individual bad people.” Hect replied, “Racism has many ugly faces. Some of it is the right-wing hate speech. Some of it is very subtle,” answered Hect. “The impact of racism is significant in our society [but] crime is not dictated by someone’s skin […it is] dictated by poverty and opportunity. Part of getting to racism is eliminating poverty and providing opportunity, [which is] something we can work on together.”
Source: MountHolyokeNews

As a result of this brouhaha, Hect was put on administrative leave. And so, the leftist mob takes another scalp and pushes their intolerant agenda forward that much further.

By what right do these students get to exert their demands for an ideological test on the hiring practices of the school?

This is exactly the kind of stupid crap that let to a Conservative getting sucker-punched in the face, and to Trump’s Executive Order relating to free speech on campus.

Do the Feds need to make an example out of Mount Holyoke by pulling Federal grants until they show themselves capable of tolerating a diversity of opinion?

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