Clowns On Parade: CNN’s Democrat Candidate Townhall Was A Complete Dumpster Fire

Written by K. Walker on April 23, 2019

The Democrat candidates seem to want to outdo each other in how far they can go to appeal to their base. Here’s the 411…

It was mostly five hours of softball questions to five of the many, many candidates hoping to topple President Trump. Every now and then, an interesting and, on occasion, difficult question was lobbed at the doe-eyed Democrats.

There’s not a whole lot of new info for voters, if you were hoping to get a smidgeon of policy from Mayor Pete Buttigieg, you’d be disappointed. If you thought that Amy Klobuchar was going to try to play the centrist and still be tremendously unlikeable, you’d be right. If you thought that Bernie is pushing farther and farther left, you’d be right again, ditto for Kamala Harris and Liz Warren as they desperately try to push away from their more moderate former life.

Amy Klobuchar had by far the most embarrassing moment when she had to tell the audience that they should have cheered when she was patting herself on the back…

…fortunately, there were no office supplies on hand for her to throw at the audience when they missed their cue.

It was almost as bad as Low-Energy Jeb!’s “please clap” moment. 

At one point, she did say that she wished she could staple a free college diploma under each of the chairs of the audience, so obviously, office supplies were on her mind.

Speaking of free college diplomas, Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren wants to have a wealth tax to pay for student loan debt…

…but hey, she’s never claimed to be a “democratic” socialist, she just wants to redistribute wealth whether you like it or not.

Bernie gets the award for “Worst Take” when he said that convicted criminals like the Boston Marathon bomber as well as those convicted of sexual assault, should still be able to vote from prison.

Kamala Harris says that she’s willing to “have that conversation” about allowing convicted terrorists, rapists, and pedophiles sitting in prison to vote.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who has been fighting a one-sided battle with Vice President Mike Pence’s views on traditional marriage, has declined to comment on Ambassador Rick Grenell’s claim that he’s been pulling a “Jussie Smollett” on the issue.

Here’s the quick and dirty summary of the CNN Townhall:

On Impeachment:

  • Warren, Harris, and Buttigieg all believe that the Mueller Report reveals that President Trump should be impeached.
  • Klobuchar wants to wait to see if the House will move towards impeachment because that is where impeachment proceedings originate.
  • Sanders is concerned that impeachment proceedings will distract voters from Democratic policies going into 2020.


  • Klobuchar is pretty lonely in the centrist lane, although she isn’t really a moderate. 
  • She does have the ability to win in a purple state which is something that Harris can’t claim.
  • She was pretty clear on the high cost of college tuition by saying that forgiving student loan debt was unrealistic, but would be for extend Pell Grants.
  • She did back AOC’s $93 trillion Green New Deal as a way to get some “good ideas” forward. (Did she read that thing?!)
  • She still has the likeability of a turnip.


  • She wants to tax the very wealthy to pay for social programs including eliminating student loan debt — two percent on every dollar after $50 million.
  • She said that she’d battle sexism by teaching young girls that running for office “is what girls do.” (Whatever that means, but it did get claps for some reason.)
  • She wants to break up Amazon, but still orders stuff from Amazon — like a mailbox… for some reason.
  • Warren was adamant on impeaching President Trump, “if any other human being in this country had done what’s documented in the Mueller report, they would be arrested and put in jail.”


  • He’s concerned that pushing for impeachment keeps the focus on President Trump and away from actual Democrat policies.
  • Single-payer healthcare is his big priority. So, the same awesome service as the VA provides for all Americans!
  • Sanders is all for giving felons the right to vote — even the Boston Bomber — because he is a firm believer in democracy and to deny some citizens (even terrorists, apparently) the right to vote is a “slippery slope.”

“If somebody commits a serious crime — sexual assault, murder — they’re going to be punished. They may be in jail for 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, their whole lives. That’s what happens when you commit a serious crime,” Sanders said. “But I think the right to vote is inherent to our democracy. Yes, even for terrible people, because once you start chipping away and you say, ‘Well, that guy committed a terrible crime; not going to let him vote. Well, that person did that; not going to let that person vote. You’re running down a slippery slope.”

Source: CNN


  • She just basically regurgitated policy put out by others — she backed impeachment proceedings and said that maybe felons shouldn’t be disenfranchised.
  • She backed the $93 trillion Green New Deal.
  • She spoke about not criminalizing “consensual sex work.”
  • She also wants to talk about the possibility of financial reparations for black Americans.
  • If she becomes President, she wants “common sense” gun control within the first 100 days or she’ll “take executive legal action” and do it herself.


  • Was asked why his website is heavy on his identity but light on policy.
  • Backs impeachment of President Trump.
  • He wants to stack the Supreme Court.
  • He wants to get rid of the Electoral College.
  • Like Sanders, he’s for Single-payer healthcare.
  • Unlike Sanders, he isn’t for felons voting.
  • Won’t back down on his one-sided feud with Vice President Mike Pence.

It really was a parade of crazy.

If that’s what they’re offering, 2020 can’t come soon enough.

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