Ilhan Omar’s Old ‘Black Hawk Down’ Tweet Resurfaces, Sparks Outrage

Written by Wes Walker on April 23, 2019

For a refugee welcomed to America from a war zone, you might expect her to have a more positive view of her adopted home, but no.

In a world where partisan muck-raking groups dig up decade-old Tucker Carlson phone calls into a shock-jock radio show and use it to try to gin up an advertiser boycott, the Left doesn’t get a pass on old tweets.

If you said it, you own it. We didn’t make the rules, we’re just making their side abide by the same ones forced on us. So old tweets are fair game.

ClashDaily editors don’t play the “I told you so” card very often, but we’ll make an exception just this once.

Keep this story, written March 8th, 2019, in mind as we break down her tweet, and the reactions to it.

[speaking of Obama and killing people with drones] “We don’t want anybody to get away with murder because they are polished. We want to recognize the actual policies that are behind the pretty face and the smile.”

She was born in a city — Mogidishu — where they cheered during the movie Black Hawk Down.

Typically, refugees feel some sense of gratitude in a country that offers them shelter and safety when the land they come from implodes.

Has anything we’ve seen from her so far shown us a similar respect for the America that welcomed her? Or do statements like these suggest otherwise?
Source: Anti-Semitic Muslim Lawmaker Is Now Talking SMACK About Precious Obama

Here’s the 2017 tweet to which people are reacting:

Omar made the claim in a 2017 Twitter thread about terror attacks in Somalia when she wrote the tweet, which the Project dug up Monday.

“In his selective memory, he forgets to also mention the thousands of Somalis killed by the American forces that day! #NotTodaySatan,” Omar wrote in response to a Twitter user’s lament that 19 US service members were killed and 73 injured in the battle.

…Critics — including veterans involved in the battle — pounced on the congresswoman, who is a Somali refugee and one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress.

“Our forces, being vastly outnumbered, fought to save their own lives. All the Somali militia had to do was walk away, but they persisted,” retired Chief Warrant Officer Mike Durant, who was shot down in Mogadishu on Oct. 3, 1993, and held captive by a Somali militia, told the Investigative Project.
Source: NYPost

They persisted. It seems I’ve heard that phrase before.

Is it ‘Islamophobic’ to call her out for this? Apparently not:

In an article on the Federalist, worth reading in its entirety, one of those who fought in that battle responded to Ilhan Omar’s tweet.

The simple truth is that Omar enjoys the fruits of American combat deaths, yet she can’t even bring herself to acknowledge the ultimate sacrifice that was made on her behalf, either as a Somali or an American. Her clan didn’t stand a chance against Aidid and Habar Gidirs, so I don’t blame her for leaving. But I do blame her for attacking those of us who had zero personal interest or investment in her nation for doing our jobs on behalf of our country. And I blame her for smearing American servicemen because we answered the call of our nation to address the violent barbarism of hers.

Unlike Omar, I’m not a politician. I don’t have power or influence. I don’t have a vote in Congress or the ability to direct America’s foreign policy. I’m just one of the men who strapped it on as a member of Task Force Ranger and went into harm’s way to help bring peace and security to her and her people. And let me tell you, she missed a helluva fight.
Source: Federalist

Larry Elder reminds us just who the good guys and bad guys are:

As for the ‘bad guys’…

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