Democrats Rebrand ‘Christians’ As ‘Easter Worshippers’ In Wake Of Deadly Terror Attack In Sri Lanka

Written by K. Walker on April 22, 2019

Can you imagine the outrage if President Trump had called the attack on the mosque in New Zealand a sad day for “Ramadaan worshippers”?

He’d never hear the end of it.

Or even if it wasn’t just an attack on something so vital as faith. Imagine that a sitting member of Congress described the 9/11 attack as “some people did something” — oh, wait. A Democrat did do that and the response was “meh.”

Fortunately, the Media(D) found a way to criticize Trump for tweeting about the horrific attack on Christians attending church and tourists at hotels in Sri Lanka.

The good ol’ “Media Watchdog” at CNN, Brian “Helter” Stelter, has decided that he was going to call out the President on his erroneous tweet that was up for “more than 20 minutes” in the wake of the attack on Sri Lanka. (Check the timestamp on Trump’s tweet, by the way, it says 3:48 a.m.)

On his increasingly inappropriately named show, Reliable Sources, Stelter laments that it is incredibly embarrassing for a President to tweet out something with such a blatant error, and states that if someone is so wrong on the “little stuff” maybe we shouldn’t trust them on the big things.

Really, Bri?

This is the same dufus that was pushing a “Missing Melania” conspiracy theory, said that he took Michael Avenatti as a serious 2020 threat to President Trump, and pushed the phony “Trump-Russia collusion” schtick for 2 years because the Partisan Press is following the trail that Trump created.

Brian Stelter got all of those things wrong — and is doubling down on the collusion story. Why should we take him seriously?

But, for the sake of argument, let’s say that his concern for getting the “little stuff” wrong is legit. Would Stelter care to comment on the new rebranding of “Christians” as “Easter worshippers”?

It seems to be a coordinated attempt to dismiss the deliberate attack on Christians.

Last time I checked, Christians don’t worship Easter.

Many hours after Trump’s tweet, Barry and Hillary posted weird yet similarly worded tweets about the bombing of churches calling Christians “Easter worshippers.”

To contrast, here’s how they tweeted about the attack in New Zealand:

Huh. So they acknowledge the Muslim community, but not the Christian one.


It turns out that it wasn’t just them. The weird phrase “Easter worshippers” was used by Democrats all over Twitter.

It appears that there is some sort of allergy to the word “Christian” by Democrats, including most of the “big names” running to become President.

Eric Swalwell in a very odd tweet called Christians “Easter parishioners”:

Others didn’t use the phrase “Easter worshippers” but seemed to be equally allergic to the word “Christian”:

Picking up on that “common humanity” idea, Bernie didn’t even mention Easter but did say “place of worship”:

Even Pete Buttigieg, who is picking a one-sided fight with Vice President Mike Pence over which one of them is a more faithful Christian, didn’t mention “Christians”:

At least Liz Warren mentioned the word “church” with her “Easter worshippers” comment:

Amy Klobuchar didn’t use the word “Christians” directly, either:

Even the Mayor of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada used the phrase “Easter worshippers”:

ABC News also picked it up promoting an article about the closure of Notre Dame following the devastating fire last week.

Beto is the only one who had the chutzpah to actually acknowledge that this was an attack on CHRISTIANS.

Although she didn’t mention Christians directly, Tulsi Gabbard did actually reference Jesus, which is nice… and then invokes the “Love Trumps Hate” sentiment:

But, it’s hard to ignore the blatant, seemingly coordinated effort to avoid the word “Christian” at all costs.

Yes, yes it is pathetic.

It’s beyond that — it’s an outrage.

Christians are persecuted around the world by radical Islamists, extremists from other religions, and statists alike. 

So, it really does matter that Barry, who joined the rest of the world in pushing Christian refugees to the back of the line for asylum claims, is ignoring the genocide of Christians. (President Trump reversed that, by the way.)

And I’m sure the “Unbiased” Media(D) Watchdogs like Helter Stelter are right on top of it calling the Dems out for ignoring the facts, right?

Yeah, I’m not going to hold my breath.

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