ELON MUSK: A Victim Of The Biggest Conspiracy Ever

Written by Tron Simpson on April 16, 2019

Remember when the Pharisees conspired with the Romans to have Jesus killed? Well, this is way bigger than that. Imagine if the Illuminati joined forces with the Bilderberg Group and lizard people running our government to promote the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. (Don’t get too excited, Rep. Ilhan Omar, it’s just a hypothetical.) Then—and only then—could their combined efforts begin to rival the magnitude of the conspiracy against Elon Musk.

The ploy is brilliant in its simplicity: Don’t allow Elon Musk to succeed at anything, ever, no matter what. Unsurprisingly, the conspirators are legion (the full list can be found here). From NASA to the Pentagon, the military to the SEC, the entirety of the United States government is working in concert to prevent Musk from finding success.

Musk, for his part, is fighting tooth and nail against those conspiring to destroy him. When NASA didn’t select SpaceX to receive the revolutionary Lucy contract, Musk filed an official protest. And when the Securities and Exchange Commission persecuted him for purportedly breaking his contractual obligation, Musk took to social media to tweet memes and mock the organization. That’ll learn ’em!

Musk’s ideas are so game-changing that, if left to his own devices, he could single-handedly transform the society into an interstellar utopia. But that would threaten the established order, so Musk must be dispatched.

Some skeptics, blinded by logic and reason, might demand proof for such a bold accusation. They might argue that Musk’s failures should be attributed to his own incompetence and mismanagement rather than an uncorroborated, widespread conspiracy. What those skeptics fail to understand, however, is that the lack of proof for such a plot is evidence enough as it is! Besides, in every instance of failure, Musk has assured his loyal followers that he and his companies were not at fault. The debate is over. Musk didn’t do anything wrong—America’s most trusted institutions are just out to get him.

Time and time again, Musk has had to contend with forces seeking to keep him down. As an example, look no further than the Inspector General’s inquisition into SpaceX’s launch certification. The official story is that, in February 2019, the Pentagon’s IG began to investigate whether it was proper for SpaceX to receive launch contracts for missions related to national security. But that’s just a cover for the conspiracy. In reality, the Pentagon’s attack dog initiated a calculated campaign to delegitimize Musk’s company and prevent it from gaining traction.

Co-conspirators were quick to point out that the investigation is entirely warranted. All too convincingly, they cited to SpaceX’s multiple documented “problems” with the quality of its rockets, and the presence of other ongoing safety probes into Musk and his company. But it’s clear that those “well-documented” quality control issues were fabricated, and the safety probes were initiated in a choreographed effort to damage SpaceX’s reputation.

Just in case you need more proof, look at the utter malfeasance with which the Air Force handled their Launch Service Agreement, the government’s program for ridding the United States’ space program of foreign influence. The Air Force, which did not issue SpaceX an award, had the audacity to allow for a competitive selection process between aerospace contractors—as if the LSA were attempting to select the contractors best suited for the job. What nonsense!

Everyone knows that SpaceX would always be perfect for the job, regardless of what the job entailed. Forget about all those manufactured studies from the Government Accountability Office detailing SpaceX’s supposed “dangerous flaws.” When multiple independent organizations say that SpaceX has serious structural problems, they are doing nothing more than tipping their hand against Musk. His companies are flawless by design, not to mention, the company has “space” right in its name. For that reason alone, SpaceX should be awarded all the contracts. Every. Single. One. But shockingly, the Air Force excluded SpaceX from the first phase of the LSA. If that’s not convincing evidence of the conspiracy against Musk, then nothing is.

Musk fought back, sending a team of lobbyists to Capitol Hill to derail the entire LSA program. That move makes complete sense. After all, what’s the point of having national security contracts in the first place if SpaceX isn’t a part of it? Musk is teaching the conspirators a lesson: if SpaceX isn’t selected, then no one should be.

To truly understand the extent of the conspiracy against Musk, one must realize that the absence of evidence is indeed evidence of evidence. Or something. Only by accepting that truth can one see the profound depth of the conspiracy. Each one of Musk’s apparent “missteps” is a carefully constructed mirage meant to justify his unfair treatment at the hands of America’s most respected institutions. Ultimately, Musk is a victim of the greatest conspiracy in world history. The only other alternative is that Musk actually makes mistakes. Perish the thought! That’s simply not realistic.

Tron Simpson is host of the nationally recognized Tron Simpson Show, heard on KVOR 740 AM in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Find out more at www.tronshow.com.