EPIC VIDEO: 2 Scrubs Attack McDonald’s Security Guard – They Didn’t Know He Was Armed

Written by Wes Walker on April 10, 2019

Here’s yet another of those ‘good guy with a gun’ stories the Left claims don’t exist.

Guns aren’t good, or bad. They are tools in the hands of whatever person is using them. In this case, it was a very good tool to have around.

A couple of young punks hit an older security guard at McDonald’s over the head with a bottle, double-teamed him, roughed him up outside, and aimed the guard’s own pepper spray at him.

And not a soul stepped up to help him.

Then he pulled his gun, and the situation changed immediately. Watch:

The two punks who happily pounded the crap out of an older man when they thought he was helpless, ran like the cowards they are when he drew his gun.

No shots were fired — that was unnecessary. But it put an end to an assault in a hurry… when nobody around had the decency to step up and help end the assault against the security guard — who was an off-duty cop.

Chicago police this afternoon offered new information about the incident: The security guard, a suburban policeman, was on-duty for the McDonald’s restaurant Saturday afternoon. He was leading the two men out of the restaurant when one of them struck the guard on the head with a glass bottle, police said. A struggle ensued and was captured on video.

A CPD spokesperson on Monday said the department did not have a report about the incident on file. Today, however, Chicago police said officers were called to the scene, but the two offenders were gone by the time cops arrived. The security guard was treated at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said, “We will continue to take appropriate measures to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for our customers.”
Source: CWB Chicago

If even a trained police officer needed to draw his gun to deal with a threat to his personal safety — in broad daylight — how much more so would an ordinary citizen who lacks that level of conflict training require the help of a firearm to even the odds in their favor?

If a gun is good enough to ensure a cop’s safety when he’s getting assualted on the street, shouldn’t it be good enough for Joe and Jane Citizen, too?

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